11 thoughts on “Chase Me!

  1. I love love love simplistic and adorable tattoos like this! Maybe that’s why I am such a big fan of Cere 😛

  2. I like the cute, doodly tattoos..

    ..but if I would ever be to get one, it’d be a smaller space.

    I just hope he doesn’t regret taking up so much ink-able skin with this one!

  3. This is SOOO awesome and insanely weird!!! One of the tattoo artists I work with was working on drawing a dinosaur half sleeve today for a client and I was telling him that it would be really funny to draw something super cartoony and silly pretty much exactly like this to show the girl cause she wants it to be realistic and I thought it would be really funny to sike her out by showing her something totally the opposite cause she’s a regular and I like akward moments 🙂 It’s like you got in my head and then posted this cause you knew how much I’d appreciate it! Thanks 😉 hahaha

  4. sweet tattoo, good thing i get to look at it everyday! =] such a handsom man with a sweetass tattoo!

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