25 thoughts on “Geek Tsunami

  1. EEK! I need to send in my shyguy tattoo now… haha. I’m loving how every time I come here there’s an update. Thank you Roo, you should be running this site in Shannon’s place.

  2. Oh that rocks!!!

    I loved those little flying turtles!! … well maybe not in the original nintendo game, but the later ones helped you out sometimes! … Somehow I recall purple ones made yoshi fly, and red ones made him spit fire?

  3. I meant Roo should run modblog, not the whole of bmezine. seeing as my comment is “awaiting moderation.”

    since when does mod=moderation instead of modification?

    blehhhhhh. nevermind. it isn’t worth it, just delete the first comment.

  4. haha i feel honerd from all the nice comments,
    it so happens that is my chest :)

    now i fell like putting the rest of my ink up there too :)

  5. Haha that is beyond awesome. I was gonna get a paratroopa on my ankle but my ex told me it’d be too nerdy. Oh well.. he’s the ex now, maybe I should just do it ;)

  6. OH MY GOD. i want to kiss this man. the geek in me is just screaming with joy. ^_^

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