Indian Ink

Peter V. Stevens visited Arunachal Pradesh in late 2007 and wrote the following..

Dear BME,

I have a photo (taken by Nicole Titus) of my trip to the north-east frontier of India from 2007 you might be interested in.

This picture was taken in the town of Ziro in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, the area is marked by hills and thick jungles, but the lowlands are covered in bamboo and pine trees. It's a strange mix of local foliage and is relatively close to the Burmese border. The Apatani people are the predominant tribe of the region and all adult Apatani women have the exact same tattoo marks and nose plugs (although the nose plugs get stretched as they get older).

14 thoughts on “Indian Ink

  1. Ania – Absolutely! I’ve just got a fresh new batch of possible ModBlog images, so watch this space..

    That said, we can only have more such posts (like this) if people submit more such content :)

  2. wow i didnt know nose plugs were a tribal thing, i was never really into them and thought they made your nose look to fucked up. but on her they look really natural and cool.

  3. She is striking. I feel that this site would truly do well to educate about the ethnic origins concerning what has become modern day body modification.I welcome more pics and story!

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