What’s that Boy?

There’s trouble at the transdermill?! (I’m really, really, sorry, I couldn’t resist)..

Anyway, IAM: Lassi recently had his buddy IAM: Jussi remove his almost half-decade old transdermals.. Read on for his story and more photos..

“The transdermal in question had been troubling me since the beginning and was swollen ever since it was put in. Finally about four years after insertion the swollen part collapsed in the front and the implant started to come out. I had a nice sparring match where the implant finally busted through the tissue due to a nice shoot-style takedown. (note to self, don’t land implants first..) Jussi started cutting out the implant, we didn’t really have any proper anesthesia (just some Xylocaine jelly) but the whole thing still hurt like hell and it took four hours to remove since I was yelling curse words and pounding the chair after every cut! Must have been pretty damn frustrating for jussi!

The implant was already so sensitive that it was giving me hellish headaches so cutting it out was no picnic. I expected loads of puss and other shit since the implant had been so troublesome over the years, but to my surprise there was just excessive scarring and enlarged cells, no clear reason for the irritation at all. After examining the implant itself I did however find some hints to the reason it was so complicated to heal. There is a deep seam in between the plate and the stud and also the lower surface of the implant is scratched. I have to say I am relieved to have it out but I hope I get to keep at least two of these (which will not happen since transdermals don’t seem to last forever on anyone..)”

22 thoughts on “What’s that Boy?

  1. holy shit,that looks like it fucking hurt,i wonder how badly that will heal?…by the way i love his gun barrol tunnels there, fucking kick ass…

  2. what a shame.

    I can relate to the pain he’s explaining. Been there, done that… not pleasant.

    Yet another reason to closely inspect jewelry BEFORE using it! 🙂

  3. nice quickloader style plugs….
    the removal had to hurt…looks real freaky ^^

  4. poor Lassi I could only imagine how that felt on the head…My wrist transdermals removal procedure was virtually unbareable.

    Hope you’re healing well Lassi!

  5. #7 Seriously!!! Who the hell put those in and didn’t even take the time or have the knowledge to inspect the jewelry. Pretty amatuer move for a procedure which requires some pretty vast knowledge of body modification. That’s pretty fucked up that this guys had to deal with so much pain over the years because of something that was completely preventable! Try taking a closer look at your jewelry that you’re about ‘permenantly’ implant in some ones body next time!!!

  6. i quess i have to say few words too..

    lassis implants were the first transdermals i ever put in anyone. i thought my professional “teacher” used proper jewellery. of course cos he wanted me to work his studio and he was BIG NAME and so on.. first he showed me how to do it. and he put the first two in on lassi´s head. and after seen that i just continued from there under his guidance…

    my implant mohawk was taken out also after about 4 years. they
    never healed properly… same jewellery.
    so now i know more.

  7. I agree with you Jussi 100%…For the people saying this is Jussi’s fault, based on what I just read, its more his “teachers” fault since this was a training session insertion.

    Also and just like Jussi said most often transdermal implants do not heal properly…Many individuals “in the know” have known this for YEARS and have tried to remind people of this…

    Transdermals are a huge pain in the ass to heal and quite often they will NEVER heal and will always be in a state of irritation/infection,etc.

  8. It’s a stupid thing…I don’t understand, why he do that….stupid stupid stupid…crazy….

  9. After seeing this, I have second thoughts about getting microdermals for myself. I hope he’s doing better now. Love the watermark!

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