41 thoughts on “You Know You’re Curious!

  1. haha, this puts a new pesperctive to “spanking the monkey” and all other monkey/genital related termonolgies. viva la changing commen slang meanings

  2. i was more scared than curious but BME has made me incapable of being grossed out

  3. Wow. Somehow I got right. Only I thought a doll.
    I’m happy with myself.

  4. I thought “hand through transcrotal in the bath”. Wasn’t expecting Very Curious George.

  5. it is cute.

    the proportion has me a little baffled here.
    it is a very large curious george we have on our scrotum here?

  6. Because of the proportions of the Curious George to the man, I was almost worried that was a child…

  7. Well…it’s nice and clean…
    I did guess the monkey but not the penis 😛

  8. Well honestly, the size of a flaccid penis has no dictation over the size of an erect penis. Not to mention I do believe it’s a big CG.

    On a side note, I found this cute as well, in a weird way. He’s like “How did you do that?”, lol.

  9. #9 I think thats a strong generelazation. what about pauly, hes got a massive wang.

  10. Thanks for all the complments! But for those of you that think I got a small penis….your wrong. It’s right at eight inches which makes it well above average. I just wasn’t horny when I was taking these pictures!

  11. robert mapplethorpe’s ex hubbz wrote in his book that robert set him up with a surgeon who had the same thing

  12. awwww, George got a little TOO Curious. too cute! he looks like hes gonna kiss his balls!

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