28 thoughts on “I Wholeheartedly Agree!

  1. I can barely walk on the floor let alone walk around outside……………………………………………….. I’m sorta ofa TENDER-FOOT
    I would die without shoes….”OOOH my God Shoes”

  2. Maybe they have a similar upbringing I had. My great uncle used to tell me how horrible shoes were when I was younger. When my mom put them on me he would say that they would deform my feet. I’m sure he would adore this tattoo.

  3. Uhm…. as in “shoes suck, fuck ‘em” or as in “get ready baby, I got my fuck shoes on”??

    BLACK MAGIC woman? or BLACK magic WOMAN?

  4. k/#16… 😀 “Fuck shoes”? 😀
    Your comment made me bite my tongue, because I laughed so hard.
    Now I want my own pair of fuck shoes… (Get ready!)

    I find the tattoo very weird, but funny. Could´ve used some deeper and more rich colors, to make it stand out more. It´s too 80´ies pastel for me, but cute.

  5. Best tattoo ever!
    Honestly I despise shoes, and go pretty much everywhere without them (which is less trouble than you would think here in the US).
    I’ve been considering getting a barefoot tattoo of some sort at some point, but I got to say I love this one.

  6. Ah and then I remember the Dane Cook joke… If it has it’s bases there then I sadly have to take my “best tattoo ever” comment back.

  7. you guys are crazy….I love my shoes….I put em on when I get dressed, and I take em off when I go to bed….I can go anywhere in my shoes!….

  8. This is my best buddy. His name is mike, and he’s just north of St. Paul in Minnesota. He got it done at a tattoo shop called Tattoo Asylum, by an artist called Winfield, I believe. This isn’t a very good picture of it though.
    It’s a Dane Cook reference, yes, haha. And ever since the day he got it, he’s been known as Mikey Shoes. Funny shit that I just found this posted on here. You guys are all great!

    I’ll have to point him towards this post!

  9. Well how effin odd is it that my bud Jeff came across this?! Yes that is me, my tattoo and my nipple. It was fun reading these crazy comments from you all. Peace.

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