Adam Bomb!

Oh my! When I spotted this tattoo on IAM: Holly Golightly my brain almost exploded and I had to post it immediately. Read on to learn more (plus some hot Babel fish action)..

The character above is Adam Bomb (although my favourite was Sumo Sid), one of the Garbage Pail Kids. I used to collect all the magazines and trading cards when I was younger and it really does bring back memories!

Both tattoos by Meme, Taggurs Tattoo, Yuma, AZ.

19 thoughts on “Adam Bomb!

  1. I’m glad Babel fish does not exist – it would destroy one of my fav pastimes. This tattoo, though, looks both weird and cute.

  2. I’ve been going to get the Babel fish right about there for years now, the only thing holding me back is the semi-professional job. *sigh*
    I love this one!

  3. too fucking awesome!

    i had a fucking killer garbage pail kids collection in the late 80′s. i just wish i didn’t peel them and stick em all over stuff

  4. Yes, the Babel fish! Woooo!

    “…And he promptly vanished in a puff of logic.” Hitchhiker’s Guide nerdiness FTW!

  5. I know that Adam Bomb is a Garbage Pail Kid, but I can’t help but see an ironic resemblance to George Dubya. Maybe just wishful thinking…?

  6. It indded bring backs memories…I used to collect the cards when I was about 8. In France they called it “Les Crados” (“The vile-os”)…I remember that the conservative part of the french society succeded in banning them, mostly by claiming that there was LSD on the sticky side…..go figure

  7. Ahhh! i love the babelfish! I’m planning on getting one, on my leg though, as my semi-professional job would not last long with a babelfish behind my ear :(

  8. that tattoo belongs in the “state home for the ugly !” lmao ! , but really I love it ! .. but if it were be Id have definetly went w/ one of the grosser garbage pail kids …

  9. i think the adam bomb tattoo is the first “real” tattoo i ever got…she did such a rockin good job on it. (Meme at Taggur’s tattoos in Yuma, AZ)

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