32 thoughts on “BADOOM ZAP KABOOB!

  1. Hah… the ‘shopped in MODBLOG made me think for a second there was some weird puckering going on. Relieved to see that wasn’t the case!

    And since this seems to be underboob as much as sideboob, I’ll also use this opportunity to promote my favorite non-standard anatomical term ever: ‘neathage!

  2. EDIT:

    On second thoughts, having turned my head upside down, it doesnt look like the picture is upside down.

  3. I hope that heals well, but based on how inconsistent the cutting is i don’t have much hope for it. sorry, but someone had to be honest about it

  4. Kate, I think your sideboob was probably pretty good before, but now it’s *awesome*!

    I so want something carved at some time… NFI what or where, but one day I will know :)

    PS: “sideboob” is the greatest modern word I know of. Perfectly cromulent!

  5. yeah that was probably my 3rd piece at the time. hind sight is 20/20. if I knew now what I knew then I would have smoothed the edges out a little bit more

  6. The edges of the lightning bolt kind of weird me out because they’re not perfectly even…but I have a problem with geometric shapes :P I have tattoos but I can’t imagine getting that done on a boob…ow…way to go Kate!

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