Don’t Bet On Tattoos!

Two images for your viewing pleasure..

The first is by artist Paul Toupet (MySpace) and the second (after the break) is by Pat of Don Design, Chambly, Québec.

The email that came with this simply said "Bet Lost", hopefully someone can expand on that!

26 thoughts on “Don’t Bet On Tattoos!

  1. HAH that is fuckin aMZAGINZS..AMNAZING close enough

    … a cannibus consumer sorry im rippd out of my mind

  2. The second one is simple but funny. The first one just looks like a blue ball point pen

  3. love it..
    “and if I win you got to get a tattoo of a stick figure getting fucked doggystyle by another stick figure… Deal?”

  4. Does the person receiving doggy have a tail? I can’t tell because of that insanely reflective skin…

  5. I wish the person on all-fours was smiling. There’s nothing like happy anal sex!

  6. I just want to know what type of bets are made around the loser getting a tattoo. “Danzig is the best band in the universe!” “No way, Metallica is; hey bro, who is better? Metallica? Haha you have to get a stick figure getting F’d in the A permanently inked on your body”

  7. The ball in her bellybutton ring looks too heavy, the piercing is all agrivated! Funny tattoos though!

  8. that anyway is going to look quite funny if she gets pregnant, dont you know anything about typography? dont stretch the letterforms!

  9. mariess- who cares? maybe she’s one of us happy childfree folk?

    why does everyone automatically say “pregnant” as soon as obvious ovaries are in the picture?

    i love that it looks like ballpoint pen. that makes the lost bet part more humorous…

  10. Funny tattoos..

    but comment number 2 made me spurt milk through my nose.

  11. I would probably be a lot more amused by the first one if there was some sort of explanation behind why she just got “anyways” tattooed to look like a ball pen wrote it…

    the 2nd one cracks me up though. yay stick figure anal!

  12. It was a really stupid bet…
    My friend aksed me if I can eat 7 big macs in 1 hour.
    But I didn’t win so I had to get this tattoo and I have to wear shorts for the whole summer.

  13. Love both tattoos, the stickman one is so cheeky!

    I love the style of lettering used in the first tatt, very cute and simple…draws attention away from what look to be little laproscopy scars as well (I have the same thing, 5 in fact, so annoying.)

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