34 thoughts on “Le Bottom Eyes

  1. My uncle in his mid-late 50′s has a similar tattoo to this, only on his the one eye is winking lol

  2. hmm, i would hate to be in russia with those.

    they scare me because they won’t stop looking at me

  3. Hey man, he didnt ask me if he could put this up here, wow didnt hink id be put on this site

  4. This is my friends ass, he got them as a tribute to his late father, who also had eyes on his ass, though not as big!

  5. And the reflection in the eyes is off. They obviously did a mirror image instead of adjusting the reflection.

  6. I wanna point out this was done as tribute to my dad Gary Ward (R.I.P 1956-2005)

  7. 33: Just what I thought…

    Teehee. Better stay away from russian prisons with that.

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