In the following photo, this awesome scarification piece on IAM: skod is outlined and about one third removed! Keep your eyes peeled for an update..

If you didn’t twig from the title, the artist is Ron Garza

22 thoughts on “Garzafication

  1. i wouldnt wanna be that guy during the next few weeks but it is beautiful … good luck with it

  2. looks very good BUT…what is in several years ? cant it course big discomfort to do such big scrarification, when it keloids more then desired ?

  3. That is beautiful but the next few weeks are going to be intense,
    Bet of luck I hope it turns out well ^_^

  4. The following week was total hell, but 7 days later the skin had healed to the point where I no longer needed any form of bandage. My skin type doesn’t keloid that much, and Ron got the depth spot on, so it has actually healed rather flush to the skin and I can’t feel it in my normal course of motion. Hopefully Wayde will be coming back through town in the next year or so and we can knock out the rest of it, but as of now it still looks amazing.

  5. Yeah . This was a 6 hour session on its own. Wayde and myself will tag team it on his next run thru here. 2 blades are better than one.

  6. sweet mother of GOD that is beautiful… and painful looking. but mostly just beautiful. i bet even partially done his back must look like a total work of art. :D

  7. holy jesus christ on a fuck stick!!!

    Ron…Skod…and soon to be Wayde… BADASS!!!!!!

    Totally want to see that thing when its completed and healed,etc :D

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