Porking Porkers


“Some Sailor Jerry flash my boss let me tattoo on myself at work. I’m not a tattoo artist, I’m a piercing apprentice, lol!

21 thoughts on “Porking Porkers

  1. Maybe they’re Gloucester Old Spot pigs. Love the smile on the sow’s face!

  2. “Some Sailor Jerry flash my boss let me tattoo on myself at work.”

    What.. what does that mean, exactly ? The first few words, in specific, don’t seem to make any sense.

  3. It’s flash by Sailor Jerry that he tattood on himself not really sure where you got lost on that.

  4. My grandparents have a dinner plate that has this image on it and it is just titled Makin’ Bacon.

    Good on you ‘k’ for beating us all to the pun. :P

  5. haha this is in the “sorry facebookers, but your tattoos are terrible” Facebook group. I believe.

  6. the bottom pig seems to be lacking a line forming its back, beneath the top pig’s mouth.

  7. #4 and #14, a flash is basically a tattoo stencil. Sailor Jerry was one of the first recognized tattooists. The pig tatt was originally drawn by Sailor Jerry. The pig tatt owner’s boss allowed him to tattoo himself using Sailor Jerry’s flash or stencil.
    There, I defy you to be confused after that.

  8. Haha its me!!
    Yes please ignore my not so completley shaved legs…
    Anyways as I was doing it, I notcied that I was giving the piggies clubbed feet, so I started to laugh out loud which made my hand shake which then made there feet even more clubbed. Im so proud of it, the ink sat well and there really was no need for me to touch it up!!

  9. And the lower piggy is not missing a line for her back, the fucking pig is just hanging his head over the side, thus no line!

  10. I got the same tat, a bit larger on my belly with the quote “pigs is pigs”…its the same sailor jerry’s art. My br hooked me up with it…i dig it

  11. andwho hasnt ever seen a spotted pig? its a Gloucestershire Old Spot pig. mmmm bacon

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