28 thoughts on “Spooky Ethix

  1. i love the girl in the white shirt in the back who looks absolutely disgusted haha. wonder what she was doing there…

    vury pretty lady

  2. This show was actually at the Baltimore Tattoo convention in Feb. The area where we were supposed to do the show lacked any rigging points, so the hotel was nice enough to let us perform from their beautiful staircase that had a huge bay window looking onto the street. Unfortunately some of the “passer-byers” didn’t appreciate the show and called the police. And to Jessorz, her knees say “CLASSY LADY”.

  3. is she always covered in blood and filth?
    i fuckin’ love the “classy lady” tattoos.

  4. no, she not “always covered in blood and filth”. it’s mostly latex, makeup, and fake blood (our secret recipe).

    ask jared about that skewer ;)!!!! hahahaha!

  5. These are beautiful pictures. The suspension image reminds me alot of Danzig/Samhain because of the messy hair and blood…but my favorite image is the one of her smiling 🙂 I think it’s just adorable.

  6. OMG! okay, i just came. not really, im at work, but if my boss wasnt such a prick, i probably would have.i secretly think he might have a thing for chix w/ mod and thats why hes always around me.

    off topic,sorry! seriously though this girl is hot. i wish i could get over the cringing when i see suspensions, but thats something ill have to work on. any suggestions for me?

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