56 thoughts on “I Done Got Doll Legs

  1. I love that, and it’d be real cool if she went all out like lizard man and had her whole body themed as a doll (like what #5 said with the other joints). Either way, I like ‘em!

  2. I thought about this before when I was obsessed with bjd’s It looks really cute

  3. A few days ago, I was trying to find pictures of GI Joe elbow joint/arm swivel tattoos (though I don’t know if any exist). Nice to see something similar.

  4. Ah! This is so dope!

    I got modblogged again, yeyeee.

    And to those who said I should get them on my other joints, I’m actually really considering it.

    I just need to decide if I want more than a half sleeve.


  5. that looks great!! would go realllly good with a schoolgirl outfit… well everything looks better in a school girl outfit

  6. Sharkbait: I have a schoolgirl’s uniform, I used to be one, I went to boarding school. Haahahah.

    Akibare: Fuck barbie, she doesn’t have joints.
    Well, the poseable ones do I guess.

  7. Oh so cute! I just want to hug her!

    And then dress her up.
    And brush her hair.

    (I’m not a creep! Really! :P)

  8. kat von d did tattoos that looked just like this on some girl’s elbows a few years ago

  9. How cute is she? I really like her tats also! I agree with others, she should do the whole doll theme. Elbows, waist, hips, shoulders, wrists, ankles. She could do without tattooing her neck.

  10. I don’t what to say other than…Beautiful it goes perfectly with her small frame!

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