52 thoughts on “Umbrella Hombre.

  1. Ha I knew it.. when I saw those pics on your page I new you’d get modblogged…

  2. i’m pretty sure i’d like to have his babies. haha. i think he’s a super duper beautiful man with some amazing mods. good job. yay!

  3. yeah that was a fun fun shoot.

    he is my favorite model of all time!

    and the link under the photos to my stuff isnt the right one, but the one in my name should be now.

  4. Awwww..I just wanna pinch his cheeks..and slap his ass..OK maybe just fuck him a little…*drool*

  5. Yeah sure he’s cute and all but I find his sense of humor to be the most appealing thing about Twitchard.

  6. Yes, Negative, he has a job and he’s damn good at it.
    He’s also a remarkable artist, and we have several of his works of art.
    Very nice Twitchison.

  7. One word: Yummm…

    I have officially joined the ranks of the rabid fangirls(/boys?).

  8. as i clicked in “read more…” i’ve wished: ‘please be naked..please be naked…’ x|
    the first one is my fav…he looks so funny ^^

  9. He looks like quite the southern belle in the first shot haha funny picture

  10. i went to art school with this kid. dude’s one talented mofo.
    and whoa! he’s so much more modified now! it’s only been a year!

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