What Does Not Destroy You..

Makes you stronger!

This is another time I wish I had more background information but the sender did include this..

This is my first tattoo. It’s a Nietzsche quote (and my back surgery scar).. One kind of caused the other.

This is purely a guess but I’m assuming they knew in advance that they would need to be operated upon and the area that was going to be, hence the tattoo and the comment above. Either way, I hope you’re doing ok!

12 thoughts on “What Does Not Destroy You..

  1. i really love tattoos like this, ones that tell an obvious story relating to its location. makes me wonder what i can do to the car-crash keloid scar on my knee…

  2. I find it interesting that it looks like the doctors did not bother suturing where the letters were.

    the positive thing is that with that type of suture job, at least he’ll be left with a nice scar.

  3. I’m having a back operation soon to fix a herniated disc.
    I will keep this quote in mind!

  4. Twilight of the Idols is a fantastic book. I thoroughly enjoy Nietzsche-related tattoos!

  5. Is that the waistband of his undies?

    Because if so, I have the IDENTICAL injury right now (surgery, yah!) and very much sympathize!!

    #3, yep yep YEP. Exactly.

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