19 thoughts on “Shifty Eyes..

  1. phwoar indeed!

    i’ve been an avid admirer of sgak for quite a while now. he just has beautiful mods, and beautiful everything else!

    also has a cool band called svullet frenulum. :D

    i like watching the videos of him playing with his split tongue, they make my day!

  2. Hmmmmm…..theres nothing wrong with any of these posts, I just still miss shannons way of posting and the material he used. This all just seems to lack something. oh the days.

  3. i agree w #4 fras. a lot :(

    and also, bad lol caption :( sorry

    very nice piercings tho

  4. Beautiful. I would prefer symmetry with the eyebrow piercings, but over all I really dig how everything flows with his face.

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