15 thoughts on “Beyond the Chin

  1. That looks really good.
    I wouldn’t be able to decide whether to keep it white, or black. Ha ha.

  2. Actually it’s the symbol of the planet Jupiter. Saturn’s symbol is inverted with a stroke through the vertical line.

  3. yep, it’s jupiter… I could see how it looks close to saturn. How it’s placed you can’t really tell if it is up or down. Saturn needs the line through the vertical line like someone already said. A holy cross with the scythe of death coming off it, is how I think of saturn.

  4. to me, it looks nicer in white.
    anyway, it is an italian movie… that makes me proud! 😉

  5. When I first saw this, I didn’t read the descriptions, and I thought she had really weird barbells implanted under her skin XD

  6. OH MAN, awesome! Even though I didn’t think about the planet Jupiter when I got it, that is really cool! haha…
    We almost got the same tattoo at the same place, and you are at the other side of the world…

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