Awwww Overload.

Here’s a couple of cuties to start the morning your day off with..

On the left is Vern bonding with a friends kitten, and on the right is part of Pauly and his cat, Mr. Biggelsworth.

22 thoughts on “Awwww Overload.

  1. I remembered the guy in the first picture from the other times he was ModBlogged. He’s got amazingly gorgeous eyes.

  2. Argh, damn. I love kittens with names starting with “Mr”. That’s too cute.

  3. Before reading the caption I thought the cat part on the right was some kind of tropical caterpillar!

  4. that cat looks scruffy.
    i love cats, but they make me puffy-eyed and out-of-breath. : (

  5. Awh I love kittens! ^_^
    And yeah it does look like he has a massive hand like that dude from the simpsons haha

  6. At first glance, I thought the kitten-bracelet was a spider. Glad it wasn’t! (Damn it, I want a kitty. Now!)

  7. kyl: Try a Sphynx; they are virtually hairless. Nice kitties and tats!

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