Bulging for Belgium!

And I mean bulging in the most flattering of ways!

This is IAM: Mei Lan (a.k.a. The Asian Sensation). Click through for a larger view..

Corsets and photography by DGFH7.com.

35 thoughts on “Bulging for Belgium!

  1. awwwww my beloved chinese naked dog!if someone deserves to be modbloged for being sexy than it’s her! besitos por Jennifer <3 <3 <3 (tot snell,schatje,werk niet te hard, eh ;)

  2. #7 – yes, i know.. but photographers using this blur too often.. blaah, this can destroy even most beautiful pics…

  3. skeevn, that’s probably cause she’s from the netherlands… damn, i wish i was that hot.

  4. Yeah, she’s pretty but the photoshop is fucking it up, but if it’s professional that explains why.

  5. nnjxkadbnm.

    …excuse me.

    I love how her stretches look with her short hair. Makes her look tough and spunky, but still damn attractive.

  6. Is this really a Belgian girl? I’m from the same country, so even kind a proud :D

    Love that sleeve!!

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