38 thoughts on “Hearts on your what now?!

  1. Oh damn, i was hoping for a PENIS or something…

    where did all the penises go?

  2. i srsly thought this was gonna be the rim of somebody’s cack head.
    i like it.

  3. oh my people! you are just pissy that you were WRONG on the guess what.

    i think it is rad

  4. The penis left along with anything remotely amusing about this place. We all know when that happened…

  5. seriously though, give us a penis every once in a while…you know we love them!

  6. well its has stayed for quite a while now, ive had it for around 6 months without a touchup, altho it needs one.. but its still visible.. most people mistaken it for a bruise frome a fight or whatnot.. but yeah.. its still there.. and it actually didnt relly hurt that bad..

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