27 thoughts on “Such a nosy girl..

  1. ooh! i have both a vert labret and a septum with the same type of jewelry, and i’ve been wanting high nostrils for so long! that looks gorgeous, yay for symmetryyy

  2. Is it just me, or is she REALLY cute? I’ve never seen high nostrils look so good before (:

  3. That is gorgeous! Never really was partial to nostril piercings but that I love :)

  4. high nostrils = win. gorgeous lips = win. melt-your-heart eyes = win. long eyelashes = jealous (okay, win too).

    all in all… *purr*

  5. So hot! I seriously wish I had the nose to pull that off. It looks gorgeous on you.

  6. Damn, I lovelovelove the look of this! Not just all the nostrils (oh, that’s a weird statement), but the look of her entire face. Beautiful!

  7. that combo is PERFECT. and your high nose piercings are healed really well. nice work! :)

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