I can Move, Move, Move, Any Mountain..

If there’s one thing there’s never a shortage of in our submissions queue (or on ModBlog), it’s Dr. Seuss themed tattoos, and trust me, that not a bad thing!

Oh, the place’s I’ll go!” – J Dash D.

By Jim Or Die, Inkaholics, Moreno Valley, CA.

24 thoughts on “I can Move, Move, Move, Any Mountain..

  1. :| I just started planning on getting this image tattooed onto me this summer.

  2. i used to work in a bookstore while i was going to college, and i remember the throngs of parents that would come in and buy this book for their kids graduating from high school. ah, memories of fun days. ^_^ when we had quiet moments myself and one of my coworkers would read Dr. Seuss to the little kids in the store.

  3. this girl at my brother graduation ceremony this year read the entire book as her speech. she cried her way through till the end and is was one of the best speeches ever. i’m curious to know the story behin what it means to him.

  4. Holy crap I miss Jim. I haven’t seen him in years. Inkaholics is one of the few good shops in that region of shitty, shitty desert.

  5. oh god, i LOVE that book so much. I’ve been wanting to get that tattoo for so long! (well, the guy in the balloon anyway)

  6. I have owned this book 4 times over in my life. The first time I saw this book I was in a bad place, I had a physically abusive mother, was constantly beat up in school by bullies in an older class and teachers that pretty much excluded me from class because I was called a waste of desk space and constantly contemplated running away. So I ditched class to hide in the library, and found this book in the new releases. The middle of the book talks about how bad things can get, but to strive on. And the end quote made me start crying as I read it. It filled me with so much hope that everything could be better soon, that all these bad things will happen but you cant give up no matter how dark it gets or what obstacles get in your way.
    Soon after we moved to a new place, I made friends, top of my class, varsity in sports and was actually popular. And somehow I manage to see this drawing or the title “Oh The Places You’ll Go!” at good points in my life, graduation, first time I got a headlining spot at an event. And I have never forgotten that this book helped me through what felt like the worst part of my life.
    And now that I have made a good life for myself, I felt like should put what was a constant reminder in my life in a place I would see it all the time.

    All different copies of this book that I’ve owned have never been lost by me, I have passed them on to my nephews and nieces and read them to them, and explained why this book meant a lot to me hoping it would mean a lot to them.

    And K and Freya, I’ve heard that same joke, only 3-4 years ago on a web comic that Freya delivered the punchline almost verbatum, and Comic Sans MS is a bubblier text and thought it would deliver the uplifting message better than Times New Roman, Arial and god forbid Matisse or anything Serif font, so thanks for trying to take a positive influence and mocking it

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