Bummed out about all the arse suspensions yet? Tough, you started it!*

Personally my favourite photo is the last one, read on to see if he lost any nuts during reentry..

* – Actually, the people to blame for this set are Alice, Benoit (Constant Elevation) and Mark (The Asstronaut).

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17 thoughts on “Asstronautics

  1. 6: it was what he wanted and he was very happy about it as you can see, Mark having a good time is more important than you liking the photos.

    And it’s not a thong, it’s boxers pulled up into his bumcrack. I suggested a thong but he didn’t have one

  2. haha ace, just made my shitty day a little brighter. he looks like he’s enjoying himself. XD

  3. i want that done with my balls hungin like that with a dildo in my ass..god that would feel awsome..

  4. Okay. You may want to spend a little time on the tell-the-doctor couch with the box of Kleenex nearby.

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