Moving Sale!

Grandma gave you a crisp ten dollar bill for your birthday? Sweet! Now, what can you get for less than ten dollars?

  • A broken watch
  • Two and a half Tom Clancy books
  • That’s right, is having its biggest sale in shop history! All T-shirts are only $9.99!

    And, if that wasn’t enough, enter the discount code MERCH-SALE for an additional 10% off of everything in the store! But, the sale won’t last long: this deal is only good until June 25th, when will be closing it’s doors for a while to relocate.

    Help us keep from packing all this BME goodness into boxes and breaking our backs to move it. We’d much rather ship it to you during the next three weeks than sort/label/pack/carry/unpack/sort it all again! (Hey, don’t call us lazy! Those model ships aren’t going to build themselves, you know.)

    So go visit! It’ll make us happy, it’ll make you happy … hell, it’ll even make grandma happy.

    31 thoughts on “Moving Sale!

    1. Hey, just letting you guys know that there’s no option for a different shipping address on the online shop. D:

    2. i feel stupid, but i couldn’t find shipping policy anywhere – so i was wondering, do you ship to Latvia, and if yes, how much does it cost? :)

    3. Tempting, but uh… Four shirts and $45 USD for shipping, one option only… I think not.

    4. Yay, I got two shirts for $30! :) Just sucks that the shipping is expensive. It’s still cheap even with it though.

    5. $30 for 3 t-shirts and $28 shipping to Spain, that’s about 36€, it’s still a bargain! (I love the dollar-euro conversion rate).

    6. Funny because my birthday was yesterday,
      But my grandma died three years ago so I didn’t get my annual birthday check..
      Do I get a sympathy shirt for this statement?

    7. Funny because my birthday was yesterday,
      But my grandma died three years ago so I didn’t get my annual birthday check..
      Do I get a sympathy shirt for this statement?

    8. just ordered 4 shirts for $51.
      and 2 weeks ago i ordered just one shirt and it came out to be $30.

      what a steal

    9. I got 2 shirts! Pretty stoked. Too bad one I ordered I will have to take in because it is too big.

    10. Yep, I’ve trying to get the bunny t-shirt for ages but they never have girlies :( I’ve even thought of buying a youth large in case they are small enough…

    11. I had to get the “Come for the tattoos, stay for the subincisions” one, plus two others. love ‘em.

    12. If Paypal wasn’t evil, I’d be on that like bacteria on a piercing gun!

    13. Awesome, I was going to buy a Guess Where tshirt just a little while ago but didn’t get around to it but now I bought three t-shirts. WooHoo.

    14. Ive looked everywhere but cant find an answer… are all girls shirts by Classic Girl? I bought a Cultural Revoloutionary shirt a few years back, washed it once (didnt dry it!) and now its unwearable because it stretched out so badly. I just dont want to waste the moolah. :)
      Thank you!

    15. bought 7 shirts and a pinwheel. all came to $93 canadian for everything. love it. now i just need the dvd’s to go on sale. haha

    16. Not having at all to do with BMEshop… but I miss the articles on BME. Will we be seeing more of them?

    17. Yep, more articles are coming down the pipes. I’ve just been swamped with moving, getting the site back up and running, planning Modprom/BMEfest and several other big commitment projects for BME which put interviews on the back burner for the time being.

    18. More pregnancy posts! I’m 11 weeks along exactly today, and I adore seeing modified singles/couples with their children. And seeing a pregnant belly (especially when modified) just makes me feel so much better about being a modified *single* parent!

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