Finger Food

At first glance I thought this tattoo said “EAT THE RICE”, which reminded me of a time I was walking past a Chinese restaurant in Toronto, and the sign outside simply said “EAT MORE RICE, NOW!!” I didn’t listen, of course..

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what it’s referring to, but I prefer to think it’s because rich people are grain fed from birth and tend to be plumper.

By Meg McNeil, Love and Hate Tattoo, Phoenix, Arizona.

26 thoughts on “Finger Food

  1. Eat the Rich is an oldschool Punk slogan…like “Burn out the Rich” and so on…

  2. I figured it was a reference to the Motorhead song… which may also be based on the above mentioned slogan… either way, neat.

  3. that looks sweet!eat the rich,burn the rich etc reminds me of the class war slogans,i met a guy once who had fuck work on his knuckles i only wish id thought of either of those slogans first for mine

  4. I immediately thought of the Aerosmith song – the Get a Grip album was one of my favourites.

    Anywho, I love the lettering, it looks amazing =)

  5. i assumed it was from the book by the same nam. Eat the Rich: A Treatise on Economics.

  6. Who thinks of Aerosmith before Motorhead? I swear, they don’t teach kids anything in school these days…*hands out Werther’s Originals from rocking chair*

  7. it took me about 4 minutes to figure out that it doesn’t actually say ‘eat the rice’, UH!!

  8. I’d also say it refers to the standard punk slogan repertoire, I like it though, it’s really neat, but the first second I also thought it says “eat the rice”, but then I read it again, and got a big fat smile on my face, because it reminds my of a sampler I got with German Punk Bands, which is called eat the rich and I always listened to it when I was about 13-14yrs old hehehehe good old times hahaha

  9. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Eat the Rich may refer to:

    Eat the Rich (film), a film directed by Peter Richardson
    “Eat the Rich” (Motörhead song), a song composed for the film
    “Eat the Rich” (Aerosmith song)
    “Eat the Rich”, a song by Krokus from Headhunter
    Eat the Rich, a book by P. J. O’Rourke

  10. That looks just awesome.
    Reminds me also of my german punk compilation cds and of a sticker I saw yesterday at a trainstation from the communist youth of austria.

  11. Yeah, it’s an aerosmith song. Maybe the new guitar hero has something to do with it…Could’ve swore it said “EAT THE RICE”

  12. No one I know really eats the rice when we get it at a restaurant [and you always get literal buckets of it,] so I, too, thought it was a tattoo on some angry chinese/thai/japanese cook. haha.

  13. i prefer eating rice, personally. i listened to the sign, roo, and had cheap chinese food for lunch. now i’m stuffed, bloated, and pleased with life in general.

  14. After looking for 2 minutes, I’ve finally realized that it DOES NOT say “rice”.

    Maybe it’s because i’m asian, therefore, it’s like the golden rule.

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