11 thoughts on “More Nordic Brands..

  1. They’re very neat, but for some reason fresh brands always make me shiver. They just look so… crisp. (Pun totally intended.)

  2. Burzum is also one of the last words on the “one ring” from Lord Of The Rings. In dark speech, it means “darkness”. But seeing as it is spelled out in runic, it’s very likely Burzum inspired. Kickass!

  3. Yeah, especially with those reversed crosses. Burzum is, a bit strange. Nicely done though :)

  4. haha Those are mine, they are definitely not Photoshopped…they were freshly done in this picture, over black Sharpie. They’re several months old now.

  5. just wondering about how it healed leah, did you get any merging when the lines expanded?

  6. Not at all, actually! I was surprised, I thought the “M” character was going to heal like crap but it looks fine! I’ll try to get a picture, I don’t have a camera anymore.

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