41 thoughts on “Even Skeletons Have Split Tongues..

  1. I am in love with that octopus tattoo on her arm, the colors and style are wonderful.
    I’d also like to state for the record that I absolutely hate the term “tat”.

  2. Lulu I have to agree,that is literally one of the coolest tattoos I have ever seen.I love how it looks like it is from a old text book.

  3. Is there a closer pic of her split because it looks kind of odd?
    I dunno, maybe it’s my screen.

  4. YAY on the shirt. must design one!

    She’s got precious small hands that are really set off with all those beads. *lovelove

  5. she has the most perfect incredible mods ever!! the tongue split and octopus tattoo are sveeet

    so gorgeous 🙂

    skeet skeet motha fucka

  6. gotta love a girl with a split tongue, especially if she can use both parts independently!

  7. I love her DIY tank top haha I do that too. And that’s a really unique necklace! I’d be terrified to wear it…I’m too clumsy for sharp jewelry 🙂

  8. I do like her tattoos – the color on the octopus/squid is quite nice.

    However..her tongue looks…oddly ruffled. As one person said, like labia o.O I usually like tongue splits, but I don’t really like this one.

  9. It looks to me like she had an off center, or just singular not quite so centered tongue piercing prior to the split. I love tongue splits and would love to see this one up close.

  10. Wow, what a gorgeous girl and awesome mods. Too bad about her eyebrows. Were the ones she was born with so bad?

  11. That octopus just made me go ‘Wow…’ really loudly… my dada is now behind me wanting to know what I am looking at, haha

  12. I have the FIRST piece of her art PERMANENTLY displayed on my skin.
    i love her art and mods she is more then amazing!

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