23 thoughts on “Revenge is Meat!

  1. dude, what the hell is wrong with moles? are you against freckles, too? scars? (benign) tumors? seriously. this is a body modification blog and your against moles? it makes no fucking sense.

  2. #2 it would be cool if you motivate what’s so wrong with moles, etc (; it’s natural you know.

    And this chest tattoo is really good, looking forward to see how it will finish.

  3. I like how the head is cut off on the photo, and with his scruff *being a jagged edge* it almost looks “cut off”

  4. Jesus.
    What the hell is happening to this place, people some more negative than ever lately.

    On another note, I’d love to see this finished.

  5. Nice tattoo! Very true, too…to everyone that hates you…living well is the best revenge 🙂

  6. I just thought my above comment might come off wrong…not to say that anyone DOES hate you, but I think that everyone has people that are jealous of them and dislike them, in which case living well is the best revenge 🙂

  7. Zombies > Hairy nipples LOL!

    Kidding, but for real, that’s an awesome zombie!

  8. Are you making fun of the MN accent? Lol that’s okay, I did too when I first moved here… until someone gave me a wicked tongue lashing with that funny accent.

  9. Fer cripes sakes now, nuttin’ wrong wit da accent…

    ‘Specially when yer gettin werk dun at Saint Sabrinas… Good folks dere…

  10. #19 – that came to my mind, too. it being attached to a film reel could be a nod towards michael stipes’s film infatuation and this guy could be a huge r.e.m. geek, but i’d venture to say it’s something else.

    no doubt the song will be in my head today, though.

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