40 thoughts on “Something Fishy..

  1. the skull looks awsome, i would love to see what tit looks liek when its done. and Roo, keep your head out of the guutter, some of us are trying to swim here! 😛

  2. it’s so interesting, seeing two or three overdone (sorry) concepts come together in an original one. the skull being underneath the fish makes me think someone’s drowned, amongst flowers

  3. Thats good of you to check so thoroughly Roo. You don’t want anything inappropriate to slip though 😉

  4. I just love where the skull is in the design!! Thanks in advance for more updates 🙂

  5. #6 – totally agree. I keep looking at the skull. =D I love large scale stuff like this. You can just imagine how much colour variation they can fit in there. X3

  6. I’m so stoked on seeing this, I live about 20 minutes away from this shop =]. Nice to see some local talent being portrayed on modblog. Great work too, I may have to swing down there to have a talk about my upcoming work.

  7. Greta – Exactly! You’ve got to think of the children, if I’d have spotted even a small part of it this photo would have gone into the naughty bin.

  8. I somehow like the look of linework-only tattoos. THey´re so clean.
    I wonder why there aren´t more stoneage-styled tats. Like those drawings on Cavewalls, which use the uneven surface to enhance the motive (just like it has been done here with the skull and the sinuos koi).

  9. I love you, Roo.
    Almost as much for being a pervert as for posting this incredibly hot and beautiful picture. 🙂

  10. Neither of the artists that work at Freedom Tattoo have any tattoos. Well, not visible ones anyways… Weird.

  11. Pretty… and kyuss, you don’t have to be tattooed to be skilled at tattooing.

  12. Roo!
    That’s MY vagina you’re talking about!!!
    I’m trashy, but not THAT trashy 🙂

    Thank you to everyone for your positive comments, i’m happy people love my side as much as i do!

    I can sit through the liner, but i’m staff at the shop – so i don’t get to have long sessions, i kinda get squeezed in where Troy can. So this day we had to call it quits, we got enough of the scales done to see where to go from next time.

    I’ve had some more work done recently, if you wanna see – my IAM is Jane.Jones

  13. Oh and Kyuss – Troy isn’t heavily tattooed because he’s spent the last 12 years straight tattooing everyone else, and giving up all his free time for his clients and his kids.

    He’s getting sleeves done by Bob Tyrell and Steve Moore in the upcoming two years.

    And thanks Star, you’re right.
    You don’t have to be heavily tattooed to be a phenominal tattoo artist.

  14. Roo – the vagina is only part of the vulva though – you wouldn’t be able to see her vagina in the tv, lighting or not, as the vagina is the internal bit. It’s not a matter of preference on which word to use, it’s a matter of what’s actually correct.

  15. Arachne – Haha, I know my anatomy, trust me 🙂

    I chose “vagina” for the sake of simplicity. I’ll edit the entry though, just for you.

  16. I agree you don’t have to be heavily tattooed to be a good artist. You just don’t see it everyday is all.

  17. kyuss – I knew a brilliant tattoo artist back in England, he really was amazing, but he had no interest in having tattoos himself. It ended up that he felt (or was made to feel, by being shunned at certain conventions) he had to be tattooed to “earn respect” and be able to guest-spot at studios, and be taken seriously as a tattoo artist.

    He’s got quite a bit of work now, it’s nice stuff and suits him perfectly but he didn’t really want it, which I think says a lot about the industry, or at least certain parts of it.

    This is probably a bad analogy but, not all driving instructors like driving 😛

  18. I wish I’d been around to see the progression of this – I saw the beginnings of it just after they were done, I believe!

    Also: I believe, correct me if I’m wrong, Troy has a tattoo or two that he isn’t very proud of.

  19. I’m sure the owner of the tattoo thinks differently, but I kind of like it as it is. :]I like it with the purple outline of the scales and no color elsewhere. I think it would be a beautiful black and white piece.
    Nevertheless, I’m curious to see it colored, as well.

  20. The purple is stencil.
    I hold it ridiculously well even with thorough regular cleaning.

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