16 thoughts on “And H8.

  1. Seriosly I ask:”Why cant the cat ever win? whats so bad about cats? they are smart,clean and awsome in general. I feel that many people who dislike cats should see the way humanity acts before judging them. And now i ask myself” why the hell did i just type all that pointless crap for a tweety tattoo?” Why?why?why?

  2. I don’t think it’s that cats always lose so much as it is that asshole cats always lose. Slyvester was a dick.

  3. haha i had the same toy when i was a kid, i got it from mcdonalds happy meal, it had wheels so when pushed, the cat would go round and round and round….

  4. Cats (along with hedgehog snakes and I’m sure other animals) were associated with the devil and as witchs familiars, which is why they’re usually evil/bad in cartoons and movies. I have no clue why cats have been associated with the devil though.

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