BMXnet Conference 2007/2008

I’m glad to be able to republish the recap of the BMXnet conference to help support the efforts of INKstar and others in putting together a great educational conference. Click the image to read last year’s recap and find out information on this years convention. I’m happy to be a sponsor this year and should be attending the conference, even though due to Germany’s restrictions, BMXnet cannot link to BME.

BMXnet Conference 2007

By IAM: INKstar

In early November 2007, about 150 piercers, tattooists and other body modification artists came together to attend and participate in the first BMXnet Conference. This is an account written by one of the organizers, and was translated from German to English by Hillary.

6 thoughts on “BMXnet Conference 2007/2008

  1. The 3 guys on this picture are a part of the BMXnet team: Ol, Mike and Nils …

  2. I love the guy on the left’s hand tattoo. I suppose it’s meant to be a Moko, but it looks like a lucha libre mask to me1

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