12 thoughts on “Bomb the Hippies!

  1. Of two interlocking hearts I believe, I also thought asking someone to “pull the pin” was an insult :P

  2. This is driving me crazy…I don’t understand the pun. Obviously I get the grenade reference…but I know there must be some other meaning…someone please explain it! I like how crisp the colors on this tattoo are, and how dark the black is…mine faded pretty fast :/

  3. HEY! Don’t make fun of 7! LOL I don’t get it either! I get the obvious grenade reference, I guess we’re just really sheltered, but can someone please explain?

  4. Well, slang and double meanings all start somewhere and not everyone is going to be in the loop at any given time.

  5. Is this photoediting? The images on modblog used to look good. This is just post-modernist crap.

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