13 thoughts on “Thou Shalt Have A Fishie

  1. nice fish..looks like hi’s into ink x)

    about the BMEboyz day…explain to me…how am i going to sleep thinking about all the posts i could have seen by now x| damm modern technology

  2. why don’t you have your own computer? I mean, I’m not upset about the posting – you’re doing a great job. But, for real, just go get a computer how bout?

  3. I think I’m going to devote my life the purpose of having a fishie like that one.

  4. That fishy is worth a fortune. It’s rare to find Koi like that in the US at least. And love the vibrancy of those tats.

  5. I remember when I was a little girl one time I put my hand on a pond somewhere in Italy and an enormous koi took its head out and scared me to death – I though it wanted to eat my hand! There used to be a 1 metre long koi on the Retiro pond in Madrid (Spain).

  6. Beautiful Flowers!! Nice koi fish. We have one that lives in a tank in the house.

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