STFU and Read!

This tattoo (by Bruce at Body Art Tattoo, Newport Beach, CA) has to be one of my favourites of recent months. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this sprayed on a wall around Toronto, along with “Think, Please!” Toronto graffiti artists are quite special.

Read more for another photo..

I’ve wanted my knuckles tattooed for years, so after a few days of internal struggle and a few drinks I decided to go for it! I think that people nowadays are getting lazier and are less informed, so my tattoos are a reminder to me and everyone else to educate yourself and read more!

If I could afford to have my books shipped over from England, I would definitely do as I’m told..

“Ink 4 Vida” by Dr. Quinn, also working from Body Art Tattoo.

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68 thoughts on “STFU and Read!

  1. Her eyes are so pretty! They match her hair! Aww she is gorgeous! ohh and those knuckles are pretty BA. Good font/style, good idea. This makes me feel guilty for not having started the books I bought last month…

  2. I try to read as much as I can, it’s one of those things people intuitively know to be beneficial I think, but I often wonder, is it the act of reading I love, or the idea of reading and self-education / improvement? Anyone else felt this?
    Looks good btw.

  3. Amazing tattoos and ridiculously hot tattooee! Both the tatts and her are so gorgeous!

  4. I love how this defies a stereotype–knuckle tattoos are such a symbol of rebel culture, it’s very cool to put such a “wholesome” message there. Well done.

  5. I love that!
    the font is real nice :) and i have something against knuckle tattoos you cant read coz of strange fonts haha.
    Gorgous hair btw, damn.. mine was purple :D

  6. Roo,

    If you want to ship your books back from England, get them to the Post Office and send them on the “book rate.” They just take your books and put them in a sack and they end up in North America in, like, two months. It was really cheap if I remember correctly. I sent several bags worth of books (mostly huge anthologies of literature) back to the States and I don’t think it cost more than a hundred bucks (or 50 pounds).

    Although it’s entirely possible you know about this book rate at the Post Office. I had no clue, so I was overjoyed when I found I was able to get majority of my books home to me when I left University.

    And as for the post above, that is a wonderful thing to get tattooed on one’s knuckles. I’m determined to get mine tattooed one day, but I can’t find something that “fits.” Everything I think of that’s four + four letters is vulgar or just silly (ie, poop, fuck, huge, cock, etc.).

  7. im in love!!! Whoever you are, marry me!! please..i promise to read till my eyes bleed!

  8. did anyone start singing that funny rap “read a book read a book, read a mother fuckin book. raise yo kids raise yo kids raise yo goddamn kids.”?

  9. >> Isn’t she a suicide girl? Crap I forgot her name.
    I love her mods, including this new one.
    She should be on a commercial just showing her knuckles
    She’ll get a few boys and girls to start picking up some books.

  10. I absolutely adore her tattoo on her shoulder, and the knuckles are just wonderful, I love that messy type writer font.
    But that shoulder! I love saintly images.
    She’s beautiful as well, I love her hair and her piercings.

  11. I’m a librarian too and want to know why you need to ship your books from England? Just go to the library! It’s fabulously free!

  12. ahhh! that’s so awesome but really sad too! I’m a librarian too (oh boy there’s a ;ot pf us) and I’ve wanted that exact tattoo for years. Well it’s good to know more reading enthusiasts out there.

  13. Her hair looks stunning, too – I wonder how often she has to redye it?

    Love the tattoos.. Also the symmetry of the third eye + labret.. Basically she just looks awesome overall, and she’s gorgeous.

  14. Great social commentary; maybe someone else can get “e-x-e-r, c-i-s-e” as a corollary.

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  16. Oooh, that’s odd.
    My friend has this exact same tattoo (read more), but on his feet.
    Still awesome, though. AND love the microdermal and the blue hair!

  17. to roo’s comment about not being able to read because your books are in england: you know we have books here in America as well. they are available for free at your local public library, or for a small fee at your local used book store (you might even meet a nice girl like the one above).
    Personally i never understood the idea of owning books. just read em and get rid of em and get new ones and repeat. owning books is just for showing off.

  18. This is one of the best knuckles tattoos that I have seen . I love her blue hair.

  19. her eyes are soo beautiful, it just makes everything so much prettier especially with the hair, and the tattoo

    absolutely beautiful

  20. thanks guys! :) My microdermals are by John Joyce, and the handsome dude next to me works at our shop in Newport Beach, come visit us and get some work!
    you’re all so sweet.

  21. thanks guys! :) My microdermals are by John Joyce, and the handsome dude next to me works at our shop in Newport Beach, come visit us and get some work!
    you’re all so sweet.

  22. Knitzy Suicide!! One of my favourite suicide girls, such a lovely curvy body and beautiful hair and mods!! I love the knuckle tatts – everyone should read more, I’m sick of most people my age (early 20′s) being thick as pig-shit! Modblog is a pleasing exception to most of my peers however :)

  23. This reminds me of a story my friend told me just last night.

    He was doing laundry in a laundramat and he happens to be black. Well, a woman came in and looks at him and then asks “Why are you reading?” No, not “What.” Not “Why THAT book.” But actually “Why are you reading?”

    He says it was the first time he actually had to walk away from a situation because he had nothing to say.

  24. that’s a great tattoo, I love it! That’s probably what I’d tattoo if I were ever to tattoo my knuckles. And she’s so gorgeous, the blue fits her so well.

  25. I really want to concentrate on the concept of the tatt but all I can concentrate is her. what a gorgeous specimin!

  26. I think I’m in love…

    Oppositronic – Y’know, when I think about it logically, I understand that apart from the desire to read again there’s no need to keep books you’ve read. I’m a far from logical person, however; I love my stacks of books, however much they might clutter up my room. My favourite words at my fingertips. :)

  27. read books is a graffiti artist hes known for roof tops with skulls either side and slogans such as read more books etc hes pretty good if someones wrote that previously sorry, i couldnt be bothered reading all comments

  28. I’m a sucker for clever knuckle-dusters, especially ones that mention books. My tattoo artist in oregon has “bookworm” on her knuckles. Basically the reason I fell in love with her, in addition to her being amazing with a tattoo gun.

  29. ha ha! I totally agree! People SHOULD read more! Thats very creative and cute!

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