27 thoughts on “Waxed Then Waned.

  1. oooh, i can’t wait to see what this’ll look like healed too.

    lovely way to make something so common become so unique!

  2. hey i really like this one
    im not usually a big fan of scarification
    but this one seems to stand out from the rest
    its simple yet unique
    the microdermals look very nice also

  3. This is beautiful. and Vicky, I’m fascinated by the blood running down his chest too. n.n

  4. The microdermals kind of weird me out…there’s something creepy to me about things sticking out of the skin :P The cutting looks great but deep! I couldn’t imagine doing that personally but I bet it’s gonna look great :-)

  5. love love love it.
    and i didn’t know whether to groan or laugh at that shaving joke

  6. This looks amazing, and no Vicky, you’re not the only one fascinated by the blood.

  7. the blood is gorgeous, it is almost the exact same color as some acrylic model paint i have lying around for uh.. model painting.. yea thats it….model painting microdermals are nice, but i never liked them for the rejection factor, although they are pretty damn good looking

  8. Oooooh, the moon looks amazing.
    Just a question, the microdermals seem to jut out of the skin quite a lot. Is this similar to having longer jewellery in new piercings in case of swelling, and will they be changed later?

  9. thanks for all the great comments. i want to mention 2 things. first of all, it’s not tissue removal. just a straight cut. second, im not real happy with these microdermals. they were some of the first i did and he knew it so i did them for the cost of jewelry. the healing nubs look stupid on there and arent even necessary. 5mm discs are definately the way to go for initial anchors.

  10. At first, I didn’t know what the “waxed” part was referencing, and it made me think that the microdermals were really, really thick hairs that were stubbin’ out… >.<
    but Kid, nice work!
    I can’t wait to see how that heals…

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