Two minutes later they were making out.

There’s probably no point in watermarking this photo (just Google BME), but I do love his expression..

Yeah thanks, I only came in to steal your wireless. WTF did you do to me?!

Yo, just take my hand and everything will be ok. Then we can lip-lock.

Clickthrough for a shot of the finished articles..

Freehand nipple scalpelling from 0mm to 10mm by Raldymods Tribe.

20 thoughts on “Two minutes later they were making out.

  1. I think the nipple guy is hotter. Hehe.

    But MAN that HAD to hurt. Gosh.. I had no problems HANDLING getting my nipples pierced… but it certainly hurt and made my toes curl. I can’t imagine having them scalpelled.

    Brave man! :)

  2. Es una modificacion original en toda regla pero tambien debe de ser de las mas incomodas ke halla visto, simplemente el ponerse o quitarse la camisa debe de ser un infierno

  3. the boy on the right is a fucking pretty… realy.. and is MY FUCKING BOY….

    he´s my boyfriend, and we go married….

    baby, love you so much ok?
    miss you so.

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