Duck Then Cover!

I really like this rubber duckie tattoo by Munky of Deja Vu Tattoo (careful though, apparently he’s grumpy imaginative today), Fairborn, Ohio.

I hope her skin didn’t quack too badly during the healing.

18 thoughts on “Duck Then Cover!

  1. i like the details done on the wing,and the colour of the bubbles..ooooo bubble bath!!!!! Hhehe he even has a funny “grease lightning” hair style

  2. Omg seriously, a friend of mine saw it and yelled at the same time “DUCKIE!!”
    This made my day. I’ve been looking around BME for duckie tats for months now!

  3. Oh damn. I have an appointment to get a rubber ducky tattoo on my foot! I don’t want anyone to think I’m copying!!!! shit. do I have to think of something else now? I collect rubber duckies!

  4. Thanks Roo! I’ve tried searching ducks before and nothing came up :( They’re great tho, I want my own duckie tattoo some day but I’m still searching for the perfect duck! So thanks!

  5. what an amazing ducky. im a little concerned how well the wing feathers (scales?) will age tho…

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