She’s Gettin’ Tired Of Her High Class Toys

Lip sewing by Troy Ayers (I think they might be boyfriend and girlfriend, awww).

Clickthrough to see why “band-aids make everything classier” and the couple in action..

IAM: uptown.

See more in Lip Sewing (Ritual)

31 thoughts on “She’s Gettin’ Tired Of Her High Class Toys

  1. I must say, I love that the post is loaded with reference to Billy Joel’s song. haha.

  2. she’s hawt! and I love the cleavage piercing..

    and…the ‘bruises’ on the boobs don’t rlly seem like bruising to me..seem more like some sort of color..i dunno..paint? a tattoo?

    oh..and..she’s hawt!! did I mention that?

  3. SWEET LIP STITCHES! Did he use his surgical supplies for those!? SO lucky….
    I, for one, am thankful Troy’s lost that moustache! Woo hoo! And I didn’t even have to admit to liking it!!! LOL!
    You’re a hot bitch, bitch.

  4. socialcoma, you stole my gag! I was just about to jump in and say my boyfriend would LOVE to sew my lips together.

  5. Lexci, way to be posting as Dirk. I think he might grow the moustache back… And I love it. It’s a secret, though.

    Anyways, FuckingClassy: The bruises are from a play piercing Troy did on me a few weeks prior. I bruise like crazy, obviously.

  6. Hanargh-you should let him do it…What’cha got to lose except speech?

    Maria- wanna go out sometime? if it goes well i”d love to sew your mouth shut. Only if it goes well though, I’m no hussy

  7. oh…they make a lovely couple. that moustache is priceless
    i really want to sew my lips too, but i want to do it myself :x

  8. What an idiot! LOL (Yeah, “SuperDirk” didn’t post – that was me using our computer at home)
    And Troy – moustache, not sexy. LOL YOU couldn’t even handle it!!!!!

  9. roo, what’s happening with your posts? they’re great when you do them but i want moreeeee!

  10. Jessa – Nothing’s happening :)

    We’re spacing them out a little more and cutting down on the text (which can be found in the BME experiences and articles, of course) a wee bit.

  11. I dun like it…I mean really sewing up her lips?!?! how is she going to get any phallic members in her mouth with her lips sewn shut?!?!

    Unless you try to force it into her nose or ears…and well…I know Zara’s down for that kinda game…But really the mouth shouldn’t have been sewn shut.

    Although I bet it would have been a peaceful quiet time ;P

    Zara <3 lol

  12. Woooooooooooooooooo ! thats hot two swollen lips sewed togather and the way shees lookin may me hooooooooottttt! baby you are lookin hot, MODBLOG made my day

  13. The high nostril piercings look really great on you.

    I’d be afraid I’d laugh and chickenwire myself tbh :/ but it looks cool :D

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