Pieces of Two.

This is my pirate crew. There are many like it but this one is mine.
My pirate crew is my best friend. They are my life.
I must master them as I master my life. My pirate crew without me is useless.
Without my pirate crew, I am useless. I must love my pirate crew.

Hugo and Lewis – The Pirate Crew.

29 thoughts on “Pieces of Two.

  1. oh my…where they his/hers best friends (maybe imaginary..) at childhood?if so…it’s a pretty good tattoo to get…good for the concept

  2. fuck all this pirate bullshit. it is everywhere lately and it is pissing me off. when did pirates become so popular?

  3. Naw, that is so cute!
    But wait a minute… If you “change pirate crew” to “rifle”, isn’t that a chant from full metal jacket?

  4. Pirates vs ninjas has it’s origins in Nashville Tennessee where two groups of artists began an epic stencil war that still rages today as far as I know. It started out with small stencils cropping up around town and took a much larger dimension with full size stencil’s appearing on the opposing sides places of business and cars. As far as I can tell the Pirates are winning which explains all the hype…that and all the brain numbing j.depp movies

  5. This is bloody awesome! Nearly as good as the “you rock, you rule” tattoo on here a couple months ago.

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