Backstar Galactica

Trust sent in this photo of a “just finished” microdermal project on a customer of his.. I do hope they all stay put!

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29 thoughts on “Backstar Galactica

  1. I always think things like this look so nice but seem like they would be such a pain in the butt to take care of!

    In any event, it’s lovely!

  2. Mxa Brand – I was mostly speaking from personal experience there, both mine (in my temples) rejected, but I do know plenty that have stood the test of time!

  3. i hope they do tooo. ive got six on my chest and i think atleast 3-4 of them need to be reset. very nice work though!! <3!

  4. i think its below the bra line, u can barely kinda see one on her. but good question gretchen!

  5. probably no one has commented on the battlestar galactica reference because the actual picture has nothing to do with battlestar galactica.

  6. theese ones aren’t normal microdermals. they call them skinpoppers. marcus from trust invented them. they have a different lower part then microdermals and work pretty good during healing, but they don’t have a changeable plate. more to see at the trust homepage…

  7. i did a 20 point microdermal star on my buddy’s ribs, they’re a little over 3 months old right now and they’re looking perfect so i wouldn’t be surprised if this healed as well.

  8. Actually this star is a few months old (maybe half a year) and it is not done with Microdermals (as we know it) it’s done with “Skin Divers” which are non screwable and are smaller than microdermals. A new thing to play with ;-)))

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