53 thoughts on “Jack is Back!

  1. I’m not a fan of the actual image but the color, demension and detail are fantastic!!

  2. wowowoowowowowow.

    Now I can’t get one, because the best one already exists! DAMMIT.

  3. I love the movie, and that is the first Nightmare tattoo I have seen that I acutally like. Most are far to basic. That on is perfection!

  4. most nightmare before christmas tattoos i’ve seen are… ya know… not that great… but this one is probably the best one i’ve ever seen!!!

  5. This is the only NBXmas-related thing I’ve ever seen that I don’t feel compelled to set fire to.

  6. That is just totally amazing! I agree with #21. Most NBX-mas tattoos are just kind of, well, blah. I HAVE to be tattooed by Biagio!

  7. i agree with what most people say on here.. i generally dont find the appeal in these tattoos when nearly everyone has one and they all look similar.. but this one.. this one looks fabulous!

  8. Haha, i was just talking about how i don’t like Nightmare before christmas tattoos. And you have to come along and prove me wrong. Thanks, roo.

  9. that is one awesome tattoo for sure, the artist has so much skill with shading and making it POP!

  10. …it’s just happend…
    I wont to see very nice water tattoo!
    How I come to this? Tattoo, Roo, water, cold, swimming, ups! what is with water tattoos? No water tattoos!

    So, Roo, give us please some nice water tattoo!

  11. right click save as….. this is by far one of my fav tattoo’s… the only problem is i wish it was on me

  12. I never get tired of nightmare before christmas tattoos but that is definately the most amazing one I’ve seen to date! The shading and color are all flawless and the dimension is intense!

  13. VERY impressive. i wonder how many hours are in it & how well it will age…

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