31 thoughts on “Red Rocket.

  1. Not quite sure I get the s.p joke but from this picture I can see that this dog would actually be female since male dogs have a small bone in the penis called an os penis. When I worked in the veterinary field I never saw a dog in more pain then when that poor bugger broke that particular bone.

  2. I love this tattoo!
    The placement, the content and how well its drawn.
    Congrats on an awesome tattoo!
    And teehee at the southpark reference.

  3. Great tattoo, really unusual. I like anatomical stuff.

    @ 11 & 12: wonder if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that human males don’t have a baculum/os penis.

  4. looks like something my old artist once did…

    was the artist’s name “fish”, from freaky’s, or indelible ink, per chance?

  5. yeah the artis was fish from freak’s, he did an amazing job. It is my friends tattoo, she saw the image somewhere, then re- desingend it a bit for herself.

  6. This is my tattoo. I got it from Fish at Freaky’s in Boulder, Colorado. He is a relatively new artist, but as you can see, he does it well. It’s *supposed* to be a mix of an austrian shepard, a black lab, a chow chow, and a wolf – a mix of some special dogs in my life.

    Fish thought that it would take only a few hours, so he estimated a pretty low price. It ended up taking 15 hours. Boy am I glad he underestimated, or I wouldn’t have been able to afford it!

    Yay Fish! I love it so much! I only wish that I had got it somewhere more visable . . .and that people hadn’t made boner jokes about it.

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