30 thoughts on “Blondie Loves Needles.

  1. You kinow, before I started reading Modblog, I would of been slightly freaked out by something like this, now..hehehe…i smile along with it! My question though is thus:”The needles on his left cheek, are they double penertrating his flesh or are my eyes being strange to me again?”

  2. I am not sure I understand why people do this. It isnt pretty/cool (or similar words ;)) So why do it? Sure it gives that little adrenaline kick, but wouldnt you get the same EVEN if it looked a little more sane/appetizing? Or am I just plain old boring?

  3. He reminds me of my housemates boyfriend…I like the random placement, it doesn’t detract from how naturally attractive this boy is.

    I love play piercing, not keen on the photo itself but the content is just fine! ;D

  4. xine:

    “pretty” and “cool” are both subjective words. It’s a matter of opinion. I happen to think this sort of play is both pretty AND cool. And lots of fun. And other things, like enlightening, empowering, spiritual, mind-expanding.

    “little adrenaline kick” doesn’t come anywhere near describing the reasons for this sort of play! there is so, so, so, SO much more to it than that. you don’t have to understand, just accept.

  5. man, this photo was better before you edited it. the version on his iam page is much clearer and more pleasant.

  6. #11: leave Britney Spears dude alone!!! lol
    Personally, I like the photo because I’m into blood.

  7. I don’t like the photo and this boy. Is just something disturbing on him…
    I feel some very bad energy when i look this photo and i think, that this is the first time in 2 years, since I read modblog.

  8. yeah and apart from the half decapitated dude on his IAM, i’m sure he’s a lovely person XD seriously tho, i like this photo. it’s pretty and he has nice eyes

  9. omg, i’m surprised %)

    my nickname is loki anderSSon, double S, just try to remember)

    i dislike this photo too, the original one is better.
    but as for me, the original is not cool too.

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