24 thoughts on “Tangerine Tongue.

  1. Metalhouse III… how would you test that?

    I personally like how her split has turned out. I’m almost certain she had a frenulectomy or a very long tongue based on my personal experience with my split.

  2. I don’t think it would be possible unless taste buds form on the inner surfaces. Anyone with a split tongue care to comment?

  3. My tongue is split and it looks like some tastebuds have grown into the split…can’t taste anything more or less but yea…its possible I think.

  4. if im not mistaken, taste buds are present throughout ur whole tongue. when you split it (if im correct) you expose more of them. just my stab in the dark, i have mine split but i never really paid much attention to it.

  5. nice split!!

    and a question, when you comment on modblog entries, how do you leave your IAM name as the signature?

  6. #15: to leave your iam name as the signature.. where it says name, put your iam name, for email do whatever you want, and for website put the link to your iam page..

    this is probably one of the best split tongues I’ve seen, neat 🙂

  7. I completely forgot to mention this..

    It was a long time ago but I remember my tastes changing after I split my tongue – Before I liked sweet foods and wasn’t keen (as in couldn’t really handle) anything spicy, but soon after I went off sweet and found I really enjoyed super-hot Indian food!

  8. Kissing a girl witha split tongue is a mystery to me….but I’ve never had any complaints from my girl since I had my tongue split. That says something….especially since my girl thinks its gross but once I kissed her she now all of a sudden loves it lol. :B

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