‘Cause I am your lady, and you are my man.

Note to ModBlog readers – Invest in a decent power (of love) shower and one day this too could be yours.. Except not really because they’re happy together, so hah!

Anna (yeah, again) and her helpful boyfriend now husband, Lucas.

40 thoughts on “‘Cause I am your lady, and you are my man.

  1. Have you, by any chance, been watching a lot of Flight of the Conchords lately, dear Roo?

  2. “…whenever you reach for me, I’ll do all that I caaaaaaaaan,
    We’er HEAding for somethiiiing, somewhere I’ve never been…”

    *ha ha*, um, sorry about that :/
    *skulks off*

  3. ridiculously adorable. is that a surface piercing or microdermals on/in his temple?

  4. they are beautiful together.

    she is stunning! her mods make her look like some other worldly princess.

  5. congratulations for them!! have alot happiness in this new time of ur life!!!


  6. Awh this photo reminds me of my helpful boyfriend ^_^
    And congrats on getting hitched =]

  7. since the first time ive seen this photo i loved it!!! that still holds true!

  8. Why is “boyfriend now husband” crossed out? Did you just mean to cross out “boyfriend”? I hope something didn’t happen to them as they’re a lovely couple.

  9. Modded couples make me happy. I’ve only ever been with another modded person once before. I inspired his first tattoo, it was great.

  10. i heard this song today and was singing it quite loudly in my office of 3 people. (:

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