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  1. Why would you want to permentallytell the world that you like something so horrendous as Linkin Park?

  2. Why are you all thinking about music? Let the dude answer for himself. Seems to me it can be anything from sarcasm to words from a poem.

  3. Courtofmiracles, read the damn disclaimer. Obviously these words mean something important to this person if they carved them into their leg, and speculating based on the words themselves, I’m guessing it has more meaning than liking or disliking one band. And even if it didn’t, who are you to declare it “horrendous” and insult this person’s mod? Express your opinion, don’t just say something derogatory and waste everyone’s time.

    Anyway, I like the irony of writing this phrase in wounds, it adds a rather amusing layer of depth to a popular lyric. If meant literally, I hope it helped this person feel better :)

  4. The Linkin Park line is “These wounds they will not heal.” It’s from the chorus to the song Crawling. Almost the same thing.

  5. It’s not Linkin Park lyrics – it’s Evanescence lyrics (Not necessarily what the person’s intent was…but just sayin’)
    “These wounds won’t seem to heal
    This pain is just too real
    There’s just too much that time cannot erase…”
    My Immortal
    It’s a really beautiful song, actually.

  6. I like it. I would’ve liked it in tattoo form, even (years ago I saw a tattoo online that was a similar kind of scratchy handwriting font that said “i still wake up burning through everything…” [yes, with ellipses] and obviously it’s stuck in my mind, and I suspect this one will do the same).

    I don’t know Evanescense or Linkin Park but it’s not like this isn’t a sentiment that’s been repeated throughout history. Even if Evanescense (or LP) were the inspiration for this particular tattoo, that doesn’t make it any less true. There are lots of phrases or images I’ve adopted into my personal iconography from songs or poems or art that no longer have anything to do with the original.

    Anyway, cool shit. And I wonder if the “i still wake up burning through everything…” person would hate me if I got that tattooed, too, because it sorta has become part of my personal iconography by this point. :)

  7. Alex, is it REALLY incorrect? On first glance, it seems like the “correct” phrasing would be “these wounds DON’T seem to heal” or “these wounds won’t heal.”

    But I think the way it is is (perhaps not purposely) clever. Those wounds will technically heal, yes. But they will not seem to because they’ll always be there, literal scars and perhaps metaphorical reminders of whatever non-literal wounds the wearer may or may not be referencing.

    It’s getting late and season 2 of Heroes is blowing my mind, obviously.

  8. Am I the only nerd thinking of that evil flesh-writing pen Dolores Umbridge had, from the Harry Potter books?

  9. Man, BME is not the place to deal with the deeper psychological issues associated with self-harm. That’s just not what BME is. It’s supposed to be a showcase of body modification. So what ModBlog should be doing is strictly showing the modification, not the psychological issues behind self-harm. None of us are qualified to deal with those issues. So stop speculating as to this person’s motivations, I’d hope this was a lyric rather than some outward statement of some nagtive issue.

  10. Jon P,

    I wouldn’t be so sure that none of us are qualified to ‘deal with’ psychoses.

    On the inverse, if someone submitted a scar to a public forum, there is probably a feeling of pride about it. Expression is good.


  11. Is this self-harm? Is it not self-harm? Is it attention getting? is it musical lyrics? Is it Pip farting on the drum snare?

    The joys of modblog is it gives everyone a chance to chime in with their two cents regardless if its spot on or way off the charts.

    Also the only ones who can deal with psychological maladies are those who have the trusty phD certs and are charging a pretty penny to do so on a daily basis…Maybe there are some of those reading modblog, my thought is there’s more self-diagnosing individuals who believe because they read up on the big fancy psychological jargon babble, that they think they know what they’re talking about.

    As for “Don’t worry, things will get better”…Fuck that noise, be real with it, why fluff peoples pillows and feed them pillow mints?

    The reality is it WON’T get better, nor will it get worse either…Life is about ups and downs and all arounds. One day your on top and the next day your with the maggots and the grime of the bottom of the bin wondering: “WTF?!”

    Regardless though, in the end everything “levels” out. That is if everyone literally/honestly takes tabs on how their days have been and documents the positives and the negatives.

    Is it better being a realist? an optimist? or a pessimist? Personally I prefer being real and dealing with the real.

  12. Per Warren Hiller:
    If one wants to curse himself/herself by saying “it won’t get better’… then let them curse themselves. I was merely speaking from experience, as an ex-daily self-mutilater. And no I’m not going to go into the shpeal that was my childhood to justify my feelings because there is not enough vodka (nor enough space on this page) to start a project that big. I do know that if one wants life to get better, it CAN. I would know… I’ve been there… Being a realist, doesn’t mean you can’t be optimistic (or hopeful).
    Just sayin…

  13. I am annoyed by how her choice of method gets called “self-harm” when the cuts are clean and controlled and the process roughly as damaging to tissue as a tattoo. She simply really likes scarification and poetry.

    I can see how choosing a lyric would be a good choice. Those in the know (Acid333 and anyone whom she tells) would know what the text really means to her while everyone else argues over the meaning of Evanescence lyrics and why lyrics are bad body art. She can say what she needs to without being constantly questioned about what may be taboo or difficult to discuss by simply saying “oh, I like Evanescence” to anyone whom she doesn’t want to bare her soul to.

    As for modblogging this, I’m pretty sure she expected it as much as the Spanish Inquisition.

  14. I don’t see how saying “things will get better” is “fluffing peoples’ pillows.” The fact is, it’s true. You can be a cynic and be like “life will always suck” if you want, and that much is true, there will always be things in life that suck. But I can assure you that it does gets better in that you lose a lot of your angst as you get older, and things stop seeming so overwhelmingly bleak and dramatic and hopeless. Everything often seems like the end of the world when you’re in your teens and early 20s. As you get older, things generally don’t seem as overwhelming anymore. So that part of it usually does get better in time. That’s not trying to be anyone’s psychologist, it’s just stating a fact of life.

    And I’m not trying to belittle her cutting by any means, certainly she feels that way, which makes it totally valid, but just the fact that you’ll find a lot less people in their late 20s and up who would carve something like that into their leg than you would people in their teens and early 20s should tell you that emotions change with time.

  15. I really hate the saying, “life’s a bitch and then you die”

    Everyone is different though, if that is your motto, then you’re not going to get better.

  16. Wow. Such arguing.

    At #31: First of all, can we not call things “retarded”? That is pretty insulting. Retarded means slowed, or developmentally disabled. I am not sure how a scarification could be that.

    Second of all, and I think a lot of people on modblog should take this to heart, if you don’t have something nice to say, why say anything at all? This isn’t to say that you should praise every single piece that is posted on modblog. Just don’t go around commenting on how horrible a piece is. I just don’t see the point. Hell, this piece isn’t my cup of tea, nor is the Happy Tree Friends one, but you don’t see me running around bashing them, do you? I just don’t see any point in being so negative to something that doesn’t even effect you.

    Now, on to other things.

    I donn’t see scarification as self harm. Randomly cutting, is self harm. Scarification, to me, is no different than tattoos.

    Who cares if its an Evanessence or Linkin Park lyric? It’s not our scar! If acid333 likes the band enough to get a permanet scar for them, good for her.

    The scar looks really well done. I can’t wait to see it healed.

  17. oh…i had an ideia similar to this..not the same words..but with the same meaning…that’s pretty good..regardless if it is because of the evanescence music or not ^^

  18. Can someone explain to me how this is “bad English”? Perhaps awkward phrasing, but I really don’t think it’s grammatically incorrect. Then again, I’m not an English major. Help, please!

  19. I know I generally am cynical and bitchy myself, but damn. When did modblog turn into /b/?

    Anywho, I hope who ever did this keeps their mouth shut and doesn’t answer to anyone about anything, motivation, inspiration, their music choices… it’s not anyones business but their own.

    This looks controlled and clean (hopefully the after care is upheld as well). It looks thought out and well executed. They did a nice job.

  20. I hope this guy is not the kind of dude who likes to punch everything:p! loll!

  21. Agreed with Rose. :\
    I understand people would like to express their opinions…but for goodness sake, this is someone’s mod, they obviously done it for their own reasons, regardless whether they like Evanescence (I love My Immortal..!) or if it’s a saying they liked the sound of. No need to get so judgemental and cynical, christ.

    Anyway, I quite like the irony :D the fact the wording contradicts it’s very modification – which is a wound that will nearly certainly heal beautifully :) Pretty scarification…I love lettering with tats and scars.

  22. keen. although id rather cut into whoever caused the wounds/pain to begin with.
    be careful, please.

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