27 thoughts on “Oh Nutty, You’re So Nautty!

  1. Why is he not hemorrhaging blood and internal organs? Perhaps this is the “before” tattoo, and the other shoulder will contain all the HTF trademark cartoony carnage…

  2. I was just wondering the same thing. When I think Happy Tree Friends, I immediately think an obscene about of blood and oragans spewed everywhere! However it’s still an adorable tattoo.

  3. Flippy is the best! Hahah ^_^

    I know a guy with a tattoo of the same character but with all of his guts hanging out.

  4. I like how it more or less managed to retain the flash/ animated look on skin, mad me laugh a bit as well.

  5. i love happy tree friends and i think its wiser to tattoo this cute character without the gore. nice work, i like the green outline.

  6. Oh no!!!!!!! I’ve got the music stuck in my head now!! Anyway, nice piece – I’m loving the way the candies are standing out…

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