107 thoughts on “Edge! From Neck to Toes.

  1. “never got the straight edge thing”
    well then…you’re a fucking idiot.


  2. What’s not to get about straight edge?
    This is really great, I love it. I assume you’ve been edge for awhile now or are just very committed to it.

  3. 7.<– That’s really fucking enlightened.

    XXX. This really makes a good point by itself. You fucking PWNED jesse.

    I have no problem with people not doing drugs. What I hate is when other people think they should feel righteous about their abstaining from them, and when they get confrontational about it.

    BTW, i think jesse’s comment is slightly misplaced.

  4. Why did this make me hungry? maybe it’s just the porn connotation in my skull.

  5. Nice gif. Good peel!

    I suppose I can see the appeal of straightedge. I’ve considered it before; but I like my substances, and I don’t think I could ever commit myself to something for life.

  6. I understand the whole straightedge thing, although I don’t agree with it for myself…but seriously why “XXX”
    I grew up in a time where XXX was on porn store signs..not on people who abstain from drugs and whatnots

  7. I like it,
    i’m not straight edge myself,
    i’m actually the opposite i guess
    but i have friends that are hardcore edge
    and as much as people can hate on it,
    you need to have respect for people who can actually keep it up.
    as long as they’re not a douche to the other people who aren’t haha

    and as far as the post,
    i dig the piece man

  8. I never got why the XXX either. I know it has to do with the X’s they put on your hand if you can’t drink in clubs/bars and that eventually evolved into XXX somehow. But when I see the XXX i just think porn.

  9. xDeviant- the wiki entry explains it pretty well :p
    Meanwhile I love the look of sin removal- YUMMY!

  10. If this is going to devolve into a debate about edge, let me just put my two cents in here. Travis isn’t straight-edge. The three X’s are a way for him to stay on the straight and narrow after spending years as an alcoholic. he;s had problems with his health and his past behaviour, so I gather this scarification is a way for him to stay completely clean and sober. It’s not straight-edge at all, but it’s an attempt at a cleaner lifestyle.

    The mod itself is fuckin’ dope and big ups to Anth for her first cutting on someone other than herself. Massive props. And props to Travis for enduring the pain of something important to him.

  11. Also, nice photography.
    I’m into the work as well. I suspect it may be deeper than is necessary, but I still fucking like it.

  12. I’ve never really been a fan of the whole straight-edge thing. I hate to generalise, but personally, it’s because every straight-edger I’ve known has been an absolute self-righteous dick. I can’t get into a single straight-edge discussion with someone without it turning into abusive name-calling in less than 5 minutes.

  13. I’d dare say that not calling a group of people ‘self-righteous dick(s)’ may be a good way to meet straight edge folks who aren’t dicks. I’m a pretty cool dude, but assholes are everywhere, edge or not.

    Regardless, excellent work on the removal!

  14. i like the animated gif. i’d love to see more of them.

    personally i think anything or anyone that thinks themselves or something as “hardcore” needs to live their life more.

    in thirty or fourty years when a person has gone through some hardships lets see if they are still straight edge. i will say it’s difficult to fight peer pressure and temptation, even if you only were clean for a short period it’s still an accomplishment. one perhaps worth marking.

  15. Why is Jesse being attacked? It’s a pretty simple statement, and I’ve got to admit, I don’t get it either. The last time I asked for an explanation, though, I was shouted at because it was perceived as a hostile attack on straight-edge itself. I find a lot of my friends have had similar experiences. But.. addressing this, I don’t understand what they symbolize, and why this thread devolved.

    And I understand that this may mean something different to the bearer and everybody who’s commented so far, and I apologize for syntax errors.

  16. the world is full of assholes from all walks of life, your an asshole or your not, i got no problem with sXe, but the way i look at it, in the US you cant drink till your 21, and all these american kids are young and like “sxe for life” etc, like how can you tell youll feel that way for life i youve never even eperienced that apect of life, imagine explaining the X’s tattood on your hands when your like 40 at a bar when you may or may not have decided that you can just enjoy a beer and not need it to afect you in the way it affects some people

  17. Ooooh I don’t take drugs. Great, I don’t go round raping nuns but I don’t feel inclined to tell the world at every opportunity.

  18. I don’t understand the whole straight-edge thing, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating that the person likes their cutting.

    Also, I’ve noticed that since Shannon left the nasty, derisive comments have taken a definite upswing.

  19. I have to admit I screamed (very quietly) at the sight of the “offcuts”, lol. But wow, that is so clean! Looks real deep though, owch.
    I really like it, and the meaning behind it. Good luck to its bearer. :)
    and @Toaster, well said hehe.

  20. #30.Yeah I know what you’re saying there. I think a lot of kids claim edge around 15-17 that do it because of having relatives that abuse substances or to fit in, usually break by the time they’re of legal age. Some do stick to it though and that’s great.

    I never claimed until I was 22, and prior to that I had been an occasional drinker and pot smoker, and smoked cigs on a semi regular basis. So for me, and others who have experienced that aspect of life, know it’s not for us and we’re happier being straight edge. I never had an addiction really, but I’m much happier being sober.

    The way I see it, you’re not straight edge until you’re of legal age, otherwise you just never drank as a minor.

  21. i love the cutting and i have to say some edgers can definately be total assholes and it give the unpreachy nice edgers like me a bad name
    i dont care if you drink or do drugs or whatever i prefer not to but id never force my views on anyone else
    the cutting looks damn sore and them offcuts look quite disgusting
    i like it :)

  22. Hey Peeps,
    I think it’s a really great cutting and skin peeling.
    And now to join into the discussion a lil bit hahha
    I’m straight edge myself and only 19 years old, but I’m from Germany so I’m legal over here, but I drank and smoked anyway even when it was actually still illegal for me though and just to let some people know, who are like “wow, he is 19. I ain’t taking anything from someone, who doesn’t really know anything about drinking and smoking and drugs and what not!”
    I smoked and drank for six damn years so I know what I’m talking about.

    I’m really sorry that many people here made so many bad experiences with out of the sXe-scene, but I also experienced shit like this myself, people who are self-righteous and thought they were something better and actually thought they could tell others what to do and what not, but noone gives you that fucking right.
    Everybody should be free to do with their body whatever they wanna do with or to it.
    I only think it’s not alright if someone drinks and then drives, actually everything which could end in harming others/innocents, seriously that’s were I lose my tolerance and patience, up to this point I don’t really care what someone is doing and if I don’t like, then I can go and I think that’s also what a lot of other sXe-peops should think about, instead of getting pissed off,but yeah.
    ohhh and about the three X’s it comes from the three stars on the flag of the district of Columbia and the X came from the mark on the hands of minors who went to shows were alcohol was served and so the barlkeepers knew, who was allowed to drink and who not, the bouncers drew a X on the minors hands, yeah and then there was a group of youngsters, who drew it on by themself, to show that they wanna stay abstinent. okay that was like the short-short version hehehehahahaha

    okay thanks to everyone who actually took their time to read through this,
    Tommichen =)

  23. Looks awesome. I love the little shriveled up X’s that were left over.

    Fuck the haters, stay true.

  24. Looks awesome. I love the little shriveled up X’s that were left over.

    Fuck the haters, stay true.


  25. I’m straightedge and I’m 18. I’m not going to do anything just because I turn “of legal age” It’s a commitment and a lifestyle not just something you say to fit in. I actually take offense at the fact that so many people do it, I’m not disagreeing that it happens but for those of us who actually beleive and represent it, those people are bullshit. The x’s adapted from club owners marking underage teenagers at shows with an x on their hand to show that they couldn’t legally drink alcohol and some of the kids started wearing them proudly. the term straightedge was adapted from a minor threat song and ian mckaye is one of the biggest names that comes up in any straightedge discussion because of that. I don’t know what era you grew up in but straightedge has been around a long time, the punk movement that blew up in the late 70′s to mid 80′s started it so you probably just didn’t pay too much attention to that group of people lol. It’s a lifelong decision, you either stay edge or your not edge. If you break it, you break it. It’s a dedication that I plan to uphold for the rest of my life and I’ve claimed edge since i was 14 and I’m pure to this day. Stay true and stick to your guns, more people need to actually stand up and fight for their values, this world is full of too many tools nowadays anyway. Saying that you wish you were straightedge but you love drugs too much is weak. If you wish you were straightedge then you already know all the bad effects and shit that drugs have so why even bothering saying that statement if your going to do drugs later anyway. Don’t step on edge, people shouldn’t be made fun of for leading a cleaner lifestyle than most of the people in the world. We aren’t better, we’re just smart enough to know that drugs have no good outcomes.

    True till death.

  26. “the world is full of assholes from all walks of life, your an asshole or your not, i got no problem with sXe, but the way i look at it, in the US you cant drink till your 21, and all these american kids are young and like “sxe for life” etc, like how can you tell youll feel that way for life i youve never even eperienced that apect of life, imagine explaining the X’s tattood on your hands when your like 40 at a bar when you may or may not have decided that you can just enjoy a beer and not need it to afect you in the way it affects some people”

    Dumb statement. If you claim edge, you know how you feel about drugs and if you aren’t sure about your feelings and you claim edge, you’re already a tool so what’s it going to matter how much of a tool you are later in life for instance when your 40 with x’s on your hand? At least they will be a constant reminder to not be so weak with the rest of your life :)

    I’m not meaning to preach that edge is better than everything else yadda yadda but honestly, it’s a cleaner lifestyle, it’s a more positive lifestyle and it shouldn’t be taken so lightly. It’s taken a turn for the worst and I admit it’s lame, it’s your choice to do drugs but if you don’t want to be made fun of for doing drugs, don’t make fun of people that don’t do drugs. There is a difference in edge and hardline, if you’re edge, you don’t walk around kicking the shit out of people that do drugs, you just recognize the fact that that person doesn’t realize what they could do themselves and their family. Edge people are usually pretty nice so don’t lump all of us in with the hardline group that has adapted from edge. We aren’t a gang, we aren’t a bunch of kids that think they are hardass and better than everyone on the face of the planet, we are a movement of people dedicated to abstaining from drugs. Most of us just want to prove that we don’t need drugs to live our life for us. You should try talking to someone before you judge their lifestyle, it usually helps.

  27. Neon-
    Yeah.. I just think porn too.. lol its sad I’m only 19 but I feel years older than 17 year olds and younger lol Its like we grew up in a different time. I drive around with my step sister and I’m like “Holy Shit its porn night at that club!” and my step sister is like “No– its sxe night, not serving alcohol.” I get so confused lol
    And I can understand the whole club markins x’s aspect of it.. but where the hell did the third x come from?

  28. XXX makes me think of porn and Ballantines xxx ale. screw sXe, lots of people that don’t do drugs have never even heard of straight edge, they’re called Christians. Labeling yourselves suggests that you think you’re better. What’s my tattoo? Druggie? Addict? pffffftt

  29. xxx
    1 for no drugs
    1 for no alcohol
    1 for no promiscuous sex

    Not all christians abstain from drugs. Lots of churches serve wine with their sermons and what not. Some churches still use incense that have small amounts of opium in them too. If you’re going to say shit at least know what you’re talking about :/ Saying screw straightedge makes you seem like you think you’re better than any straight edge kid too.

  30. I was feeling no need to comment at all, since someone did it for me some what, I feel for all those people who have run into the so called bastard edgers who get in their faces over habits that they choose to abstain from, but each to their own here, Im no way militant about it, but after living a life tetolaling on the edge of something which may have well killed me and ruined my life, I decided it was time to clean up my act. I had been thinkin about this along time, at one point sayin to mmyself I was never goin to X up but low and behold here it is.

    This has nothing to do with fitting in with a crowd of people
    or being there for gross factor or anyother bullshit, It is there simply to remind me of my decision to live cleanly – in ones opinion straight edge though you wont find a militant/christian/vegan here, Im just a person who chooses to live cleanly.

    I’ve come from wrecking myself with drinking and drugging so its not like I have not experinced the other side of life.
    im nearly 25 and the last six months have been nothing but an uphill battle with addiction alcoholism and depression.

    at the end of the day everyones entitled to their own opinion
    all i have to say other than all this is a massive thank you to IAM:Anth for doin the piece for me, cant wait fot the next one

  31. @48 & 51,

    Yeah, there’s three for drugs, alcohol and (technically) sex (although, I know a lot of edge people who do not consider sex to have anything to do with their personal straight edge lifestyle, I personally tried to stay away from promiscuous sex but never really thought of it has having anything to do with my own straight edge beliefs.)

    Anyways, the origin of the X’s is tied in with the 80′s DC hardcore scene. The clubs would mark kids who were underage with big X’s on their hands. The movement was kind of already going on in the punk/hardcore scene in general, and the kids just sort of adopted the X’s on their hands thing, putting them on themselves as kind of a badge of honor.

  32. Oh, and while I myself am not personally that into cuttings, I really like this one! Not only cause its straightedge, but also cause it just looks really good and clean.

    I did cringe at the peelings though…

  33. Gah people who think there cool for putting down people who enjoy a glass of wine or a toke of a joint are extreamly close minded.

    People can enjoy a drink or a smoke without being a drug addict….its called moderation, if you think you cant monderate yourself and therefore you getting tattoos/scars to keep you on track then I think your better of in rehab, or at least get them when your out of rehab as a sign of never looking back on your substance abuse.

    Bagging other people for enjoying a bit of pot though? Get real.

  34. ian mckaye also said that straight edge has become way more bullshit than what it started out to be, which was kids just choosing not to get high
    choosing to go get high, is a choice, staying away from them is basically the natural order of things, it doesn’t much impress me

  35. nice scarification … too bad about such a badly drawn kanji tattoo underneath…

  36. 56. Dude I opened my own eyes to the fact I couldnt do moderation, im a strong enough person to get through this without rehab

  37. You think that staying away from drugs is the natural order of things so therefore unimpressive? Bahaha. I gaurantee it’s much easier for you to give in to pressure and drink alcohol than it is for you stay away from it for the rest of your life.

  38. Hahaha! Fuck drinking, fuck drugs, fuck sex, fuck edge, fuck you, and fuck me. Fuckin’ lighten up. Hail Satan :)

  39. eh– even though I now understand the third x..it still makes me think of porn..

    oh well.. its a good cutting.. I hope there will be pictures posted once it heals

  40. My grandpa had a still down in Tenn. in the old days, and his moonshine jugs had XXX on them. Nice work!

  41. Ok, honest question, with no disrespect meant to anyone. Why not just choose to live a clean lifestyle without needing to align yourself with a movement? Why not just not drink, smoke, or use drugs?

  42. thanks for making my girlfriend puke.
    she was in the middle of saying ‘i hope he doesnt want a beer later in life’… then the skin bits came up! hahaha

  43. #67 because human beings are social beings. There’s a sxe movement because it’s a thing some people feel pretty strongly about, and it seems most of them are committed to keeping a clear head and a clean body. I know people that don’t do recreational drugs and don’t classify themselves as straight edge because it’s not a concious choice for them, they just don’t really have any interest in them.

  44. 67. I dont feel like im aligning myself with any movement i can see that it looks that way, but i dont go out of my way to hang out with other straight edge kids around my area, the scarification is there for me, and if you.ve really taken the time to be bothered at what i’d said recently theres no chance of me sitting down with a beer ever again.

    64. ahuh cause we all want to be cool like you

    Jon dude people do things differently surely you’ve been hangin around on bme to realise that

  45. Travis / Becoming straight edge after a history of substance use/abuse I can totally understand and i think that is something to be proud of, i know personally as a every day drug user that its a battle.

    Nice to hear your side of the argument.

  46. strangeasangels:

    I’m not very vocal about claiming edge because most people associate with a lot of negative connotations. However, I do find it useful to considermyself straightedge rather than “drug free” because of a number of reasons.

    Honestly, I sometimse find it pretty lonely, frusterating, or self-excluding to be straightedge. Being able to identify with a group of people, or a movement even, is a little bit comforting for me. When I hang out with my friends (all of which are uses of various substances) it makes me feel a little less odd/bizzare to know that there are other “edge kids” out there.

    It’s comforting for me to know that there are people out there that feel the same way (by and large) that I do. I don’t claim edge to be self-righteous, for me, (and not for everyone) it’s a way to feel strong and not alone. I hate feeling like the weirdo that doesn’t do stuff, even though all my friends respect me for it.

    Anyways, sorry for rambling.

    I also think that you can be a person that doesn’t do drugs, but if you all of a sudden do, it’s not a big deal. If an edger breaks edge, to many people, that is a big deal. For myself, that helps. It almost makes me feel accountable to something bigger. While some people are stronger than me, I sometimes find it difficult to resist peer pressure etc. I don’t get invited to certain parties and can’t hang out with certain friends of my bf.

    Wow rambly. Sorry. And I don’t hate users! I don’t understand or agree with it, but there is no hate or feeling of superiority.

    xo Allie

  47. Yes, people do things differently. I agree.

    But I also believe that aligning yourself with people who look like you, act like you, and think the same things you think isn’t conducive to fostering creativity and diversity.

    I do what I do because I believe in what I do and want to be doing what I’m doing. I don’t justify it with a philosophy or religious/spiritual ‘system’ of belief. I don’t brand myself with a logo of a movement and hang around with other branded individuals. I hang out with wonderfully varied individuals who beliefs are, sometimes similar but more times, different to my own because, in this way, I’ll grow as a thinking individual by being able to bounce ideas off my friends.

    And there is no danger that by being friends with a Christian, I’ll be tainted by their beliefs. Likewise, if I hang around with someone who is racist, there is no danger to my beliefs because I am my own person.

    Aligning yourself with straight-edge and giving yourself to a movement is slightly weak in my eyes. Just be yourself. Don’t drink, do drugs, smoke, or FUCK because you don’t want to, and let it be your own choice, not a choice to align yourself and abide by the tenets of a ‘movement’ or belief ‘system’.

    So Travis… one X = no drugs, another X = no drinking, are we to assume you would also, if the opportunity presented itself, to turn down some willing pussy to abide by the last X?

  48. You always to have something to prove dont you dude, just the fact that yet again you try and belittle me publically just shows me even more reason of why i have no time for you anymore, i dont feel the need to have to sit here and justify my beliefs or what im about to you or anyone else in this community in all honesty.

    Always got to be the big dog aye Jon

    heres another fact for you too.

    I happen to be in a long term relationship so yes i would, no more promiscuous sex, not that any of this is your business at all

  49. long term relationships are usually longer than a few months. and people who have their shit together usually prioritise their mods. as opposed to getting modded and putting off moving to christchurch for so long. i hope you live a good life travis, cos i’m gonna be pissed if i get to hell and see your fat ass there.

  50. This is one of the best posts since Shannon left by far! Awesome balance of beautiful and gnarly. Love. It.

  51. Jon seriously, bugger off!

    as i have told you before, what Travis decided to get done has absolutely no effect on you whatsoever. why do you continue to care so much? i mean for someone who apparently doesn’t give a fuck about anything you sure do seem to have a fairly strong opinion on the matter.

    as i have conveyed to you before, it is a life style choice that he is committed to, and is not going to stray from. anyone who raises the subject with him will be able to see that. does it really matter how he got to the point that he is at, to me it only matters that he is there. we do not judge people on there interest in modifications on weather it was an older sibling, or something inside them that first sparked the interest, so why any different here? as long as hes got to a point that hes looking after himself then good on him, and i couldn’t be more soaked for him.

    and if i am not mistaken you recently completed your BME logo tattoo? what is that if not a representation of the body modification movement in modern culture? just because his beliefs/morals/life decisions do not align with your’s it does not make them any less or more than your own. as you yourself said, you like to associate with a range of people, so why do you feel such a strong need to rag on Travis? just leave it be man.


    Anyway, for those that were asking, it has healed awesomely, its three weeks old now, and it was pretty much completely healed when i saw it a few days ago. hopefully pics to come soon. on to the next one!

  52. “and is not going to stray from” anth, you obviously don’t know him. just cos you cut his neck doesn’t mean you’re suddenly the gospel on all things travis. i didn’t start the drama above, i just said i agreed with post 67 and then he brought it, so i responded. whatever. none of your business. just like a tattoo artist wouldn’t join a beef just because they’ve tattooed someone, you cuting him doesn’t mean you affiliate with his score in the beef.

    my bme tattoo i got cos the logo looks cool. thats it.

  53. Allie, thanks for the thoughtful response. I didn’t think it was rambling at all, it was nice to see an honest answer and an honest perspective. I still lean toward the “why not just live a clean lifestyle without the need for claiming edge” side of things, but you helped me to see and understand the different viewpoint, so thanks. :)

  54. i wish you all the best too Jon i hope i get there just to see the look on your face :D all your ranting just goes to show what you think you know of me, like i said there was reason for me to cut you out of my life. peace

    I’d just like to add one final thing here and say sorry to everyone for all the drival that was produced through this post.

  55. Hail Satan.
    I was to ever try label myself, it would be by the things which I do, rather than don’t.

  56. you cut me out of your life? pffft i wasn’t the bitch crying and shit. fuck you travis, and fuck all this too, i’m out.

  57. He’ll be drinking by the time he’s 40, reminiscing about all those times he could’ve had fun, but instead decided to be hardcore super-cool straight edge. :(

  58. The world will never run out of dumb asses. This guy/girl/whatever is living proof.

  59. You BM people amaze me every day-pretty cool

    Straight edge; everyone needs something to belong to ie. church, gang, cast, sports team fan, Ford v. Chevy, whatever-they are friends or a good substitute for the socially awkward.
    Most people are weak and filled with self doubt, but if they can get online and blog with a bunch of other people who they can delude themselves into agreeing with blindly then that little cold heart warms for just a second and they feel better about their tiny existence among the billions of other lost MFs.

  60. “He’ll be drinking by the time he’s 40, reminiscing about all those times he could’ve had fun, but instead decided to be hardcore super-cool straight edge. :(”

    I’m so sick of people that think like this.
    Why is it that no one is allowed to actually beleive in something for the rest of their life? Just because someone gets older doesn’t mean they are going to give up their beleifs. Some of us actually know who we are and what we want our life to be like. Some of us do what we do because we beleive in it, not because its “hardcore and super cool.”
    If you can’t just accept the fact that some of us are actually strong enough to not turn to drugs in order to deal with our lives then your life is a fucking waste. Learn to deal with your problems instead of drowing them in a beer and then beleiving everyone else on the face of the planet fucking has to.

    Edge is a goddamned commitment and if you don’t uphold it then don’t claim it. You’re making the fucking rest of us look bad.


    deal with it.

  61. strangeasangels, thanks for your respect. i realize it can be hard to understand, but thank-you for your openmindedness. frankly, i don’t understand my pothead boyfriend, but i aim to respect him and his choices.

    rachel: you sound very ignorant. a) there’s more than one way to have fun; you don’t have to drink to have a good time. b) i feel it is naive of you to believe that all sxe people will eventually break edge. that’s like saying christians waste their time going to church because by the time they’re 40 they won’t believe in it anymore and will regret all the sundays they wasted.

    silly. and how could you judge someone you don’t even know?

  62. You people really need to get an education on life. 19 years old & you know it all, huh ? i was partying when your parents were a tickle in your grandfather’s nuts. If this is how your generation is going to express itself, or its commitment to a cause like sobriety, our world is fucked. Deal with that you bunch of fucked up morons.

  63. OMG…you losers really need to find a better purpose in life. You seem to find some gratifacation in acting superior to something else. Enjoy life a little, try new things, you don’t HAVE to be one of these morons that “can’t get away from it”. It’s called self control and taking personal responsability.

    “life’s a bitch, buy a helmet”

  64. Why would we try it? There’s no need. I have fun without any drugs in my life whatsoever. I don’t need to drink to have a good time. I have a better time laughing at dumbasses who drink all the goddamned time, get angry and throw/hit shit, act really fucking retarded or just end up fucking hugging and kissing everyone. Then a few years down the road when you have a beer gut and you’re drinking is the only way you can have fun, I get to laugh at you :) I have fun without any substance, I don’t need to fuck up my brain and my body to act stupid and say that its fun or say that it’s an escape from the pain of life. “life a bitch buy a helmet” Well, you’re right. Life IS a bitch but my helmet has three big goddamned x’s on it and says that I’m smart enough to know how to deal with my emotions and strong enough to know that I don’t need drugs to cope. You show me one good thing, other than “having fun” or “dealing with pain” that drugs , obviously other than prescription drugs, have done and then maybe i’ll change my outlook on life.

    Brail what exactly is your higher purpose in life since you want to act like such an uneducated moron, please tell me how you are better than every straightedge kid on the face of the planet. That’s what I thought. I can try a ton of new things and actually remember trying them without drugs.

    You accept scars of fish, random words, animals, all kinds of shit but when it comes to a cause that someone may actually be dedicated to and beleive in, you feel the need to critisze and de-moralize it. This is just sad.

    This website is supposed to be about acceptance, a group of people that society pretty much looks down upon trying to get together and prove that we aren’t all stereotypical lowlifes with tattoo’s and piercings and shit. If you can’t accept a persons choice to abstain from drugs how do you expect anyone to accept your choice to tattoo your face or hands or w/e else you see fit? You talk about “growing up” but honestly, you’re not acting any more mature than some 15 year olds that I know. You don’t understand something so you put it down…way to go caveman :)

    I accept your choice to do drugs, I just don’t see that it’s right for me. I don’t enjoy them and I don’t think they are healthy BUT I’m not going to sit there and in the middle of a conversation be like “Your such a dumbfuck for doing drugs, you’re going to regret it later in life when your a rotting vegetable living with your mom and all that money you wasted could have gone to something better” unless you diss on my beliefs. So how about this, accept that people are all different and that some of us don’t want to do drugs because we feel that it’s harmful and not for us. Don’t hate on something because you don’t understand it. You could have simply said “this scar means alot to this person so therefore, it’s awesome” but no. You had to start drama :)

  65. I’m not saying straightedgers would all suck cock, but they’d definitely hold em in their mouths til they went soft.

    p.s. comment #90 hit the nail on the head.

  66. I have heard plenty about ‘strait edge” and I am so happy that it hasnt found its way into the schools I grew up in as a kid. You shouldnt drink and do drugs because your not supposed to. Not so you can be part of just another click, I wish some reject ‘strait edger” had tried to push me around in school I was just young enough and stupid enough back then to have enjoyed Kicking their ass. That being said I cant imagine why somebody would cut themselves like that, try explaining that to your kids, regardless of the design. Ouch.

    But “claiming” strait edge like one of the above comments states reminds me more of gang terms than any group kids should espire to joining. Its just another way for kids to fit in and I doubt very much it lasts past any point of real matureity. Try pulling the strait edge card when your in your mid twenties and work a 90hr week sorounded by adults and not a bunch of over protected kids with no real world experience. It probably wont be a comforting wake up call to the reality of a world where there are people who get along just fine on a beer or two on a friday after a long week of work.

  67. I always wondered if someone has such a good time without drugs, what kind of good time they would have with them…

  68. i’m a person that enjoys using substances, but that doesn’t inhibit me from giving a sober kid dap for working through the shit, or supporting straight edgers for treating their body in a way that feels respectful to their heart. and on that note, if my personal actions, which feel respectful to MY heart without influencing YOU, then you’re just as bad as the militant catholics who insist i’m going to hell.

  69. awesome cut.

    being edge isnt about what you dont do.
    it’s about you; not everyone else.
    my choice of being edge came after realizing drinking just wasnt for me. my family was ridden with alcholism; and my dad died of lung cancer from smokine. I’d rather have control of myself other then a substance taking its place. I have an addictive personality; and if I enjoy something much; it becomes me. I didnt loose my virginity til I was 23; and im glad that I can say i’ve only had sex with two people.

    oh and some of my bestfriends use drugs; and drink; they’re my boys; my convictions apply to myself; not them.

  70. People wanting look like thugs acting tough in order to convince each other their doing the right thing. Straight edge is for insecure losers who can’t be themselves.

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