72 thoughts on “Genital Indicators.

  1. Lol! Sorry but this just makes me chuckle; it looks like a sad little mushroom. :P

    And uhm, is that cum?.. *stares at the nasty thumb too*

  2. Either it is an optical illusion or that bar is huge! WOW…BTW what size is the bar?

  3. That is disgusting O.o

    Gemini – yea, about the mushroom, that was my first though too..

    But hey, I was right >.<

  4. yeah, I agree with n.5:
    how is it supposed to… come on guys… “work”?
    but eventually I’m not sure I want to know…

  5. haha Jon i was thinking the same thing but wasn’t quite sure how to word it in an appropriate way :P

  6. dear Malene
    perhaps you should keep your negativity to yourself
    modblog is a place for individuals with open minds to share their thoughts and comments and i consider BME a safe haven from persecution like most others do on this site
    sure i might not “heavily” modified but i get shit just like everyone else and the last place i want to see this happen is on modblog
    it’s ridiculous that just because you don’t like something it’s automatically disgusting
    i don’t care for this genital modification but you ever heard the saying “different strokes for different folks”
    perhaps someone should give you a lesson on tolerance!!!!

  7. thats different and like the rest i’m wondering about the function

    @Gangrenous don’t go hard on the girl how do you know she isn’t tolerant she just stated her opinion and you attack her because of a negative opinion and if you though that open minded people would be cool and never talk negative or judge then your naive because in the end we all are humans and judging is in our nature

  8. ever heard if you don’t have nothin nice don’t say it at all

    i mean yea if someone was vomiting in a picture or taking a shit yea i could totally understand the disgusting remark
    but it’s a heavily modified member there’s way worse shit out there that she could devote her negativity to
    i’m not saying that open minded individuals don’t judge i’m just as guilty as the next person for judging but i keep the negativity to myself
    i’m just saying that she should learn to think before she speaks
    coming to this site and calling something disgusting is pointless
    if you are that easily disgusted then you are on the wrong site and that’s really the bottom line

  9. WOAH.
    That’ kinda… yeah, gah eh ew argh ow.
    I’m just saying though!
    To each their own, but hey, feckin owwie.

  10. P.s. Gangrenous:
    “if someone was vomiting in a picture or taking a shit yea i could totally understand the disgusting remark”

    F.Y.I, some people would find this hot.

    Just trying to take you off of your ego trip there hun :3

  11. i understand some people find that hot i don’t live under some rock
    i’m not on some ego trip so maybe you shouldn’t assume things i’m just tired of people coming in and bashing on others personal preferences
    i personally don’t find the latter mentioned to be attractive but i have friends who do and i don’t judge them for it i’m just saying i could certainly understand someone bashing that on this site because this isn’t a site dedicated to defecation or stomach bile so that would be a little out of place here lol
    where are this man’s so called “disgusting” modifications is what this site is based off of

  12. like i said before if you are disgusted by body modifications whatever type they may be then you are certainly on the wrong site

  13. but either way i’m done with this argument you shan’t see me posting again on the subject again i’ve said what need to said

  14. That’s impressive, must have taken ages!

    Would not be my choice of mod if I had a penis, but kudos anyway.

    Not judging FTW.

    “F.Y.I, some people would find this hot.”
    Yes but I’m not going onto sites where that is appreciated, and posting negativity. That is different.
    There are some things I would not get done and do not appreciate. I do not think some mods are beautiful, but i don’t post about it in a judgemental manner. If you must express an opinion, at least do it in a way which is not degrading or insulting to the person.

  15. There is a thin line between freedom of expression and insults. There is also a thin line between politeness and censorship.
    Agreed that this mod is not the first one I’d get if I was a guy, I can understand its appeal. Looks pretty funky if not actually (to me, anyway) erotic.

  16. That requires dedication. And a fucking skilled piercer!
    Bravo, chaps :)

  17. It’s amazing, the discussion that pops up because of a peen. If that was a vag this thread would’ve remained equally happy, even if it was heavily modified… Bah.

  18. “ever heard if you don’t have nothin nice don’t say it at all”

    Every time I hear that saying it makes me vomit in my mouth a little. Thanks G, but I didn’t need that right now.

  19. Modblog doesn’t accept any kind of rude or insulting comment, that’s the rule. If someone doesn’t like it, then he’s free to go somewhere else, it’s as simple as that…

    That said, I haven’t been like “what the hell am I really looking at ?” on Modblog for a while, so thanks Roo :D

  20. I certainly had to take a second look at that to realise what’s going on, and even then to be honest, slightly confused. I love seeing stuff like this =) thanks, Roo.

  21. If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here.

  22. That’s a pretty fucking hardcore genital piercing. Bravo! As for being nice in comments, I’m not at all opposed to people haveing complete freedom of speech, but saying that, I would reserve my judgmental shenanigans or word it a little more politely than the above poster.. Regardless, I’m sure a dude with that kind of metal through his cock can handle an ill worded remark now and again.. ;)

    And kudos to the wearer of this chunktastic piece!

  23. Okay…

    I think that what’s happened is…

    A shaft ampallang, okay? But also, foreskin piercings on both sides. Follow me so far?

    So this picture is of the foreskin pulled back, and the foreskin piercings threaded onto the ampallang bar.

    That’s the only way I can explain it.

  24. How many times had we seen shannon post about how bad something looked? But when a member says something theyre waaaay out of line. Its human nature to say what you think, so relax.

  25. If I was a chick and hadn’t seen many cocks I’d say its a natural reaction. Being a guy having one and looking at them I still don’t know that I’ve seen one like this certainly not with the piercing.

  26. @43 – Anthony, I can say that I personally would not, though I don’t fall into your catagory of “ladies”. ;)

    This is an… interesting mod. All the angles and whatnot make it kind of hand to figure out the particulars of what’s going on under the skin there. This mist have taken ages, not to mention hurt more than a Dunk Tank full of lemons and 12ga needles. Personally I’m perplexed and curious about guys that get genital mods this far into “nonfunctional” territory (forget for the moment the question of how to get it IN, how do you move it about after that without husking the poor member like an ear of corn?), though from the glistening it’s certainly not fully in the “nonfunctional” catagory.

    Overal: interesting, but please get some neosporin on that thumb. The “lotion” you’re currently using doesn’t seem to be working. ;)

  27. i honestly have no clue what is going on with his penis. i really… just don’t understand why or how. or what.

  28. #43 (Anthony): no, I would not put that in my mouth. I’ve come all this way with no broken teeth, and I’d like to keep it that way. :-)

    And to echo what some other people have said, I can’t help but be curious as to how/if he manages to engage in intercourse (vaginal or anal) with that tremendous barbell in?

  29. Anthony… I’m pretty sure that would not fit into most peoples mouths.

    It is however interesting and I would like to see another picture of it erect. Maybe then I (and more people)would understand it better.

  30. “modblog is a place for individuals with open minds to share their thoughts and comments and i consider BME a safe haven from persecution like most others do on this site”

    Are you kidding me?
    Have you never read some of the comments that go on here?
    I have been lurking the site for 2 or 3 years now, and can honestly say that being a part of the “modded” community won’t make someone any less judgmental, especially considering just how much body modification is superficial (barring ritual, etc).

    Anyhow, on to the mod. Not my cup of tea and it looks like something that would take a lot of time and patience. The only thing that squicks me a bit are the white patches. Otherwise, quite interesting to look at.

  31. I know that it’s supposed to be a penis, but it’s just not adding up.I’m pretty sure I’m a bit touched, but why is his penis mushroomed?

  32. My guess is that this is a very stretched ampallang with a curved barbell in it. he is flaccid, this it will look like it is much, much larger than it would when it was errect i find all circumsized penises look like mushrooms in their own ways.

  33. After looking at his other pics, I am fairly sure I now know what I’m looking at:

    Those are two separate foreskin piercings, not one curved barbell. His shaft is not pierced that far back. So we’re looking at two piercings, not one. But that is quite the illusion he has going there.

    Roo – the link isn’t working because there a quotation mark at the end: http://pikpik6.bmezine.com“/

  34. to be blunt… i dont like it. Awesome if he does… but it would not be a turn on. Hell i had a guy reject me during foreplay cause of my nipple rings. :(

  35. Can this guy still get an erection?

    Torra Luna that’s sad and nipple piercings are hot.

  36. oooo i am confused.
    is it actually 2 seperate piercings? where is this guy… we want an explanation!

  37. 32, if it was a vag, it probably would be even more intense. Vagina’s do that to people.

    Seriously though, where did all these prudes come from?

    On the matter of the cock at hand, I hope that’s not infected. Someone get the boy some sea salt.

  38. ouch…this must have taken so much time and effort…and immense amounts of pain. props to that guy but this isn’t really my cup of tea.

  39. That’s HUGE! *ahem* I think I need to see that in person, y’know, just to check for… balance.

  40. It looks like…and I could be wrong–he had a meatonomy of sorts on the shaft? Looks more like scar tissue than anything else. And yowsers!

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